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  1. Where can I download the map. I looked up FSXmap though could not find where to down load it.
  2. Here is what the developer say's about installing the patch as I told you under bobr2: Instructions for FlightZone 02 Portland for FSX Patch by Larry Robbins email: admin@myflightsimblog.com website: www.myflightsimblog.com   Please follow the instructions carefully to properly install the patch and to have FZ02 Portland to function properly in FSX. You MUST have an original copy of FlightZone 02 Portland to install on your computer. I have created a FSX Patch that contains new airport configurations, exclusions, and replacement FSX trees that will improve the look and feel of FZ02 Portland in FSX. Visit www.myflightsimblog.com for more detailed instructions. Sorry part of it did not show up the Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: First of all, let me be clear with you up front. I am in no way providing you with any part of the original FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND scenery or Orbx addon scenery. YOU MUST ALREADY OWN AND HAVE INSTALLED THE SCENERY PACKAGE ON YOUR SYSTEM. I will, however, show you how to convert you own personal copy of FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND for FS9 into a usable format that will work and look great in FSX.
  3. I am sorry to tell you this but you do need the FS 2004 program for the patch only tells you which files to remove and nothing more, so if you do not have the original program you can't remove the files. So telling you that you do not need the original program is not correct.
  4. You can install Flight Zone if you own the 2004 version. There is an up date to make it work in FSX. It is called FlightZone_2 Patch_for_FSX.
  5. I bought the King Air yeaterday and installed it. Though when trying to switch from the default AC it will show the aircraft in the top left corner of the flightsim and then an error message cumes up (carsound.dll.) does anyone know how to fix this problem so that I can load the plane and fly it. Would appreciate any help on this that I can get.
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