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  1. Solved it myself was the displays mip maps option in the graphics settings.
  2. Good Morning I installed the Lear yesterday opened it in the sim running and did a full start by the check list as well and my radios are on same with GPS but nothing is displayed. I do not have any of the third party addons that it can used and already made sure i installed with those the default options for the panel selected. I have tried all 4 panel configuration and same issue across all. I have completely reinstalled the jet to no avail. Has anyone encountered this and have any ideas. I have updated to the latest video drivers and have the latest version of the Lear and prepar 3D v5. Thank You
  3. Thank you. I have fsuipc but cannot use it at the moment due to the horrid stutters its use causes.
  4. Assumed the sim connect issues get fixed is it possible to use radar contact with 2020?
  5. Where can you see the sim rate and or is there a key command to set to normal speed?
  6. To download pmdg products or turn it off when I try And use ops center? should I uninstall download accelerator?
  7. IYes I have download accelerator plus, but I also have same program on my laptop that is windows 7 and ops center works fine but I am open to suggestions.
  8. Due to an issue with my ops center and my PC it has never worked and have worked with pmdg to fix it to no avail. Is it possible to update my products by uninstalling, redownloading the entire product and the reinstalling it? Herman G Gerhardt
  9. Is there anyway to update my 747 and DC6 without ops center. It will not work has never worked and its a long story PMDG support and I have gone to lengths to fix the issue to no avail.
  10. Hmm it's funny its only with dc6 that there's is an issue honestly it's no big deal I don't need it was wondering there was a fix.
  11. Is anyone else having issue using the DC-6 with ground services X? When i try to use it is says not recognized and quits. It is only with the DC-6 the 747 works just fine.
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