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  1. Have a look here Simone & Mark: I've had notification of this today from Just Flight. Regards, Mark
  2. Hi earthdog, all of my Lionheart aircraft work fine in v4 with the exception of one, the Learjet.
  3. Hi, is anyone else having problems trying to contact Lionheart? No responses to my emails and not even a mention of P3DV4 on the website.
  4. Hi n4gix, did anything come of this? Regards, Mark
  5. Carenado's latest batch of updated installers includes the 'B', downloaded it this morning from Flight Sim Store. I've almost forgotten it truth be told with the 'GTX' v4 ready for some time now, a nice surprise! Regards, Mark
  6. Thanks Ernie, sounds interesting.
  7. Thanks Keven
  8. Hi, enjoyed your Cosford video, I wasn't able to make it unfortunately but I would have asked this question had I been there! Do you think it possible to include a voice control feature with chaseplane? You know, switching between cameras by saying 'pilot', 'chase', 'pedestal'. I love the product, along with TrackIR I couldn't bear to be without it now. Regards, Mark
  9. Platform: P3Dv4 Developer: Aerosoft Aircraft: Twin Otter Extended Comment: One of the best add-ons, tundra version, floats, skis, lots of possiblities Platform: P3Dv4 Developer: Milviz Aircraft: Beaver Comment: Same as for the twotter but with added cropduster! Platform: P3Dv4 Developer: Pilot's Aircraft: Boeing 314 clipper (under development) Comment: Well, just imagine....
  10. Hi, thanks for that great bit of news, missing my Learjet!
  11. Hi, will Lionheart be updating their installers to V4? I remember V3 installers arrived very quickly but all seems very quiet at the moment. Regards, Mark
  12. Keven, this sounds fantastic, looking forward to ditching my buggy old camera software. Two suggestions: 1) How about a delay built into chase view? When following another aircraft you don't instantly bank as you follow, there's a momentary pause before you wind on some aileron. Make it user variable so that the delay can be tuned to suit the chase aircraft. You would want a short delay for P-51 following P-51 for example but much longer with a cub or heavy iron. Add a small random element to the delay and with the smoothness you have shown in the vids I've seen it could look very natural. 2) Fly-by. I'm expecting this anyhow, one of my biggest annoyances when using queasy frog is that despite assigning views to my stick, I have to reach over to my mouse and bring up a menu to select it. Regards, Mark
  13. v 1.6 doesn't work for me in P3D 2.5, instant CTD just when selecting the aircraft. However it did work prior to the move from P3D 2.4 to 2.5! I have now gone back the earlier v 1.0 plus the ADV and 100 737s and all is fine. Weird.
  14. Yes, I have the same terrain.3 folder but also terrain.1. I have Lionheart's Fairchild 24 as well as the Learjet, Epic Victory and when I get around to reinstalling it the Piper Pacer. There was some additional scenery provided with the Pacer, can't remember if it is provided with the rest of the fleet. I get an odd error when loading up the '24, it fails to find an avelina.ini file which sits in the terrain.1 folder. I can see it there so it must be looking in the wrong place. Just an annoyance really, I hit 'ok' and the plane loads up. I didn't get this error message in FSX, only now with P3D v 2.5. Regards, Mark
  15. Hi, same here. No landing gear, no VC in P3D v2. I had similar problems a while back in FSX and frankly can't remember how I fixed it, but this particular problem seems a little different. When I hit the arrows to show the sim icons nothing happens. I get a ten second countdown, that's it. regards, Mark