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  1. Carliolian

    Prepar3d V4.4

    Thanks Andrew I will investigate further. FS Labs A320 update released 50 minutes ago😊 Frank Darbyshire
  2. Carliolian

    Prepar3d V4.4

    Hi everyone Nothing about P3D V4.4 so far so I will start. So far I have not had any problems everything seems to go quicker, loading, response etc and that's my problem now. I have just been flying the MJC Dash 8-400 when I adjust the heading or altitude on the VRinsight MCP the values jump by 1000' i.e. in fast mode unless you turn the knob slowly. I will b flying again this afternoon and will try other planes. Any ideas how to slow things down. Frank Darbyshire
  3. Carliolian

    Looking for a VA, suggestions.

    Try UK Virtual
  4. Carliolian

    Chaseplane not working today

    I had the same problem yesterday. Took me 2 hours to fix it . Everything was ok on Friday But yesterday none of the presets worked. Could see Chase plane reacting but nothing worked. After un/reinstalling other apps and CP I noticed that the beta 04 was being installed reinstalled but only the stable version then it worked. Still have to check today though.
  5. Hi all Linda fans I have recently received another Saitek FIP , my 4th ( birthday present). But now my question is : is there any way to select which instruments should be shown by using LUA/Linda. I fly different aircraft from light GA to heavy metal Jets, but whenever I change aircraft I have to re-select which FIPs I want. One cumbersome method is to have several different SaiFlightFip.xml files. This file defines which instruments should be shown in each FIP when FSX/P3D starts. SaiFlightFip.xml is only updated when FSX/P3D exits so that the same instruments will be shown next startup. SaiFlightFip.xml contains <FipList> <Fip Serial="MZ82D39BCB" Name="My Alt Sp VS"/><Fip Serial="MZB1E67FBA" Name="PFD version 3"/><Fip Serial="MZEF0EAEF0" Name="Altimeter"/><Fip Serial="SZ00031217" Name="Airspeed Indicator"/></FipList> If I remember beforehand I put the correct file in the Saitek folder before I start P3D. If not then I put the file in the Saitek folder after P3D has started Then I run this batch file ( as administrator) "Restart Satek.bat" taskkill /F /IM SaiFlightSimX.exe Net stop "SaiDOutput" Net start "SaiDOutput" start "fred" /B "C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\SaiFlightSimX.exe" ( this batch file is also great when testing/designing new custom instruments) Which then shows the instruments I want. But the instruments are not active and so I have to reset the aircraft (control ;) What would be really useful would to be able select the instrument configuration in LUA/ Linda when Linda has detected which aircraft is being used. Has anyone any ideas? Linda is Great Frank
  6. Carliolian

    LINDA, FSUIPC and Open Cockpits

    Hi Scot Don't bother trying to find out about SIOC All SIOC does here is set a bit in the virtual joystick buttons of FSUIPC between address 3340 and 3363. Which appear in FSUIPC exactly as any other 'real' button, and can be programmed from there in FSUIPC. Which I did for a while. I added events to be able to catch these buttons event.button(64,0,3,"handleButtons") This will eventually be handled by a function in user.lua which calls functions from actions.lua e.g. Function VButton_5 (downUp) if downUp ==1 777_ENGINE_L_START_start () end end --which works fine. If you mean "what would I like to see in Linda for virtual buttons". Then : 1. To be able to enable/disable virtual joysticks 1..9 probably in the settings screen. 2. In the joysticks screen to see and assign "On Press" & "On Release". This would mean detecting the events and assigning functions which could be stored in config-hid.lua. Hope this was what you wanted. Thanks Carliolian
  7. Hello All For some time now I have been using LINDA with my Saitek switch panel, Yoke & VRInsite MCP . Great tool, thank you Guenseli. But eventually I thought that it was time to add more buttons and switches. I decided to buy an Open Cockpits i/p, o/p board and build it myself, having had some experience with electronics and software, no problems except that I soldered all the diodes the wrong way round. Everything working ok, programmed most of the switches and lights with SIOC to operate via FSUIPC. But,as I a fly several different types of aircraft and it's not easy to detect in SIOC the aircraft currently in use. So, I used LINDA to write a bit to a user byte in FSUIC which I could then detect in SIOC. Each user.lua sets a different bit (Boeing, Airbus, default, ..etc). That was a bit better. But programming in SIOC is so... time consuming I though there has to be a better way. So more study and research. I thought to write LUA code to be run by FSUIPC. I looked at writing my own app and running it in LUA/FSUIPC but then I thought much of the code is already available in LINDA actions.lua but I don't want to touch that. After much trial and error and searching I found the lib-user.lua Just what I need. I don't need to write my own routines everything is available from here. So what now happens. All that SIOC does is operate one of the virtual joystick buttons in FSUIPC , e.g. # SIOC code Var 0994, name JoyStick1, Link FSUIPC_OUT, Offset $3340, Length 4 // Joystick address Var 0169, name SetJoyBtn, Link SUBRUTINE { IF &BtnSet = 1 { &JoyStick1 = SETBIT &BtnNumber } ELSE { &JoyStick1 = CLEARBIT &BtnNumber } } -- one variable for each button Var 0170, name PBtn1, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 8, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn1 &BtnNumber = 1 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0171, name PBtn2, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 6, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn2 &BtnNumber = 2 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0172, name PBtn3, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 7, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn3 &BtnNumber = 3 CALL &SetJoyBtn } These button events are caught by LINDA in lib-user.lua # LINDA lib-user.lua code function handleButtons(joynum, button, downup) -- call handler VButton_handler (joynum, button, downup) -- this fuction is in the user.lua of each airplane -- or you can handle each event separtely (globaly) here. if button == 0 then end if button == 1 then end if button == 2 then end if button == 3 then end if button == 4 then end -- etc end -- function -- events for virtual joystick buttons event.button(64,0,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,1,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,2,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,3,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,4,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,5,3,"handleButtons") -- etc and sent to the button handler which is in LINDA user.lua # LINDA user.lua function VButton_handler (joyNo,btnNo,downUp) -- switch case would be nice here -- only joy stick 64 -- FSUIPC is from 0 .. 31, Linda 1.. 32 if btnNo == 0 then VButton_1 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 1 then VButton_2 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 2 then VButton_3 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 3 then VButton_4 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 4 then VButton_5 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 5 then VButton_6 (downUp) end -- etc end -- end VButton_handler This means that each aircraft in LINDA has its own set of actions for the aircraft currently in use and has full access to all the LINDA code. BINGO!!! Also all the user.lua code can be edited in LINDA editor. lib-user.lua should not need to be changed except for generic actions. I put the default settings in the templates/users/user.lua for any new aircraft. At the moment all my encoders are working ok, but I think I might try write something to be able to control them better in lua. What would be 'icing on the cake', if it was possible to assign functions to the virtual joystick buttons from the LINDA interface, but I realize that that is not quite as simple as I first thought. :wub: My thanks to Guenseli and Peter Dowson for there dedication and great support. Hope that this will be of use to others A very happy Carliolian