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  1. Hey Andrew, You'r great. I just deleted the (of course backuped) LINDA-CFG\Aircrafts\A320\config-hid.lua and re-did the LINDA Joystick setup. Afterwards i got different IDs and now everything is fine. Noi Idea why that was screwed up. Helped me a lot! Thanks! Joe
  2. The manual edit i'll try. The buttons and axes are completely correct in the USB-GameController Settings of Windows. I just forgot to take screenshots. 🙂 Thanks for you fast reply.
  3. Hi Artem, hi Andrew, I just noticed on setting up LINDA with an ARCAZE USB HID that there seems to be an issue having multiple virtual HID devices based on the same Hardware ID. Still shows the same assignment page and thus doesn't allow to assign multiple functions as then the Button-IDs between the different devices are shared. In Arcaze you are able to create multiple virtual HIDs (here "Lights" and "AirCondEng" named) and assign the 40 digital and 6 analogue inputs to Joystick buttons. As Arcaze has more Inputs than a normal Windows HID, you can split that to multiple "virtual" HIDs. In Windows (10) it's shown correctly then and you can test the different devices and calibrate independently. Also in LINDA they are shown as two different "Joysticks" with different names (like assigned in Arcaze Config) but with same SerNo and IDs. (as the HW is the same) I noticed that in the assignment page between all other Joysticks the "table" with the assignments changes, but not in case you're switching between those HIDs. It remains the same, and if you assign Button 4 from AirCondEng you just overwrite the assignments of Button 4 of Lights.. As you can see after switching the same assignments remain: It would be great, if you could check that for the next version. Thanks a lot in advance and keep your great work! Joe
  4. I got the WASM Module from John Dowsons Post: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92031-wasm-module-client-api-for-msfs-fsuipc7-now-available-for-developers-and-advanced-users-only/?tab=comments#comment-559948 It includes the A320.hvar that is required for the Module. That's strange. For me it works great using the ipc.activateHvar. What do you get in FSUIPC when you run in the Menu "Add-ons | WASM | GET hvars"?
  5. Probably interesting for some of you... I just started maintaining an LINDA aircraft module for the FlyByWireSim A32nx (A320 NEO / A20N) in MSFS. You can find it at https://github.com/joeherwig/A32nx-LINDA-aircraft-module Even though it requires the FSUIPC LVar WASM Module and at least FSUIPC 7.1.0f (the "f" is important!) it might probably help some of you to make use of your great devices and home cockpits. I'd be glad, if some of you would join the development. Just fork the repo and send me a pull request with your changes. Joe
  6. Hi @lancealotg Thanks for pointing it out. Added it in Version 0.4 Feel free to fork the repo and send me a PR for your addition. Joe
  7. I'm working on it: https://github.com/joeherwig/A32nx-LINDA-aircraft-module Feel free to join the development. Joe
  8. In case, you're interested in what i did... https://github.com/joeherwig/msfs-fsuipc-lua-scripts
  9. Hi Andrew, I had tried that before of course... Finally i only had to include two of your files in my TripleUse.lua: dofile([[.\LINDA\libs\lib-msfs.lua]]) dofile([[.\LINDA\system\common.lua]]) ... did the magic. 🙂
  10. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your reply anyway. But probably you can give me a hint, how i can access the functions defined in LINDA\lib\lib-msfs.lua from other lua scripts. See https://forum.simflight.com/topic/82630-problem-with-tripleuselua/?do=findComment&comment=553730 for details. I'm trying to avoid copy-paste-cloning of code as it is never a good idea. So if i could access "your" msfs functions from my TripleUse.lua directly it would help me a lot. And probably others as well. Best regards to Scotland and have a great new year! Joe
  11. Hi ScotFlieger, hi devs, I was fiddling around with Pete Dowsons "TripleUse.lua" which allows to assign also functions to single press, release like in LINDA and also doublePress and longPress functions. As i found that thread and figured out, that it is not possible to contribute via Fork + PR, i'd kindly ask whether adding those double-press and long-press functions for assignment in LINDA as it would be ways more convenient than doing that in lua scripts. Do you think that might be a future feature? Best regards, Joe
  12. Hi to down under, gboz! I'm sorry, i didn't explain the principle i work with the github repository, but it`s quite easy... I improve my lua script from time to time and push it into the repo for downloading or - if you like - contribution. You can always find the latest 'version' directly @ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua for direct downloading of the script. The page i listed above contains all the older versions and the comments to the changes i made. If you use the link from this post, you`ll get the functions from guenselis 1.3 plus the ones i added / modified: InitVars ... Battery_on Battery_off Battery_toggle Ignition_L_on Ignition_L_off Ignition_L_auto Ignition_L_toggle_OffAuto Ignition_R_on Ignition_R_off Ignition_R_auto Ignition_R_toggle_OffAuto Ignition_BOTH_on Ignition_BOTH_off Ignition_BOTH_auto Ignition_BOTH_toggle_OffAuto Generator_L_on Generator_L_off Generator_L_start Generator_L_cycle_OffStarterGenOn Generator_R_on Generator_R_off Generator_R_start Generator_R_cycle_OffStarterGenOn Generator_BOTH_on Generator_BOTH_off Fuel_Pump_1_ENG_L_toggle Fuel_Pump_2_ENG_R_toggle Fuel_Pumps_1_ENG_BOTH_toggle Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_on Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_off Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_XFeed Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_dec Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_inc Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_on Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_off Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_XFeed Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_dec Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_inc Fuel_Valves_on Fuel_Valves_off Fuel_Valves_dec Fuel_Valves_inc Fuel_Valves_toggle_OnOff ... CowlFlaps_L_inc CowlFlaps_L_dec CowlFlaps_R_inc CowlFlaps_R_dec CowlFlaps_inc CowlFlaps_dec ... Parking_Breakes_set Parking_Breakes_release Parking_Breakes_toggle Cabin_Temp_Mode_manual_cool Cabin_Temp_Mode_cool_auto Cabin_Temp_Mode_cool_blower Cabin_Temp_Mode_off Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_auto Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_manual Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_blower Cabin_Temp_Mode_inc Cabin_Temp_Mode_dec Cabin_Air_Knob_pull Cabin_Air_Knob_push Cabin_Air_Knob_toggle Copilot_Air_Knob_pull Copilot_Air_Knob_push Copilot_Air_Knob_toggle Cabin_Pressure_alt_goal_dec Cabin_Pressure_alt_goal_inc Cabin_Pressure_Dump_off Cabin_Pressure_Dump_on Cabin_Pressure_Dump_toggle Cabin_Rate_Knob_dec Cabin_Rate_Knob_inc Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_on Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_off Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_toggle Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_on Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_off Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_toggle Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_1_inc Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_1_dec Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_2_inc Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_2_dec The frontpage @ https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA is not updated for every single commit. So... If you download the latest version from the link above in this post, there shouldn't be any need for putting `versions` togehter. You should hopefully be able to use it 'as is'. If you find any bugs or miss any functions, you can leave me a request at my 'issues' page: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/issues%C2'> Kind regards, Joe
  13. Added the ability to cycle through the yellow tri-state-button for engine startup / generator on-off-start with simple pushbutton. Details and download see here: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commits/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua
  14. Latest changes in RealAir Turbine Duke V2 LUA (https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA#realair-turbine-duke-v2-linda-module): Cowl-Flaps: Counterchecked the Cowl-Flaps stuff. Added "mixed"-State if left and right cowl-flap were on different states, but changed together. Fuel-Valves: Added Fuel-Valves for explicit setting, inc & dec, incl. X-Feed. Latest changes are listed here: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commits/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua
  15. Good day to North Carolina Gregg, Hi to the rest of the world... Well, i'm sorry not being able to answer your last question... :-( But probably you might want to check it with the lua found at my repo: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/blob/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua The script just handles the LVARs. So probably it is treated the way you prefer... directly by RealAir. I'd be glad if i could help you.... And... Your Homecockpit must be impressive.... :smile: All the best from Germany... Joe
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