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  1. Hi Maarten, Do you have your "Panel-Settings" somewhere available for downloading. I'm trying to create one for P3D V3.2 with the Duke Turbine as well an i`m facing the same issues... Probably you could publish it for other users as i did with my lua (https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA) or send it to me via PM. :-) @Reinhard: Do you have any plans to add the ability to show the values optional (additionally) as clear-text like displayed at the duke turbine engine management-panel as seen here: http://www.x-hangar.com/v9/dukeT_panel.gif Or do you plan to add the coloured arcs to the glas-cockpit-variant?
  2. Hi to down under, gboz! I'm sorry, i didn't explain the principle i work with the github repository, but it`s quite easy... I improve my lua script from time to time and push it into the repo for downloading or - if you like - contribution. You can always find the latest 'version' directly @ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua for direct downloading of the script. The page i listed above contains all the older versions and the comments to the changes i made. If you use the link from this post, you`ll get the functions from guenselis 1.3 plus the ones i added / modified: InitVars ... Battery_on Battery_off Battery_toggle Ignition_L_on Ignition_L_off Ignition_L_auto Ignition_L_toggle_OffAuto Ignition_R_on Ignition_R_off Ignition_R_auto Ignition_R_toggle_OffAuto Ignition_BOTH_on Ignition_BOTH_off Ignition_BOTH_auto Ignition_BOTH_toggle_OffAuto Generator_L_on Generator_L_off Generator_L_start Generator_L_cycle_OffStarterGenOn Generator_R_on Generator_R_off Generator_R_start Generator_R_cycle_OffStarterGenOn Generator_BOTH_on Generator_BOTH_off Fuel_Pump_1_ENG_L_toggle Fuel_Pump_2_ENG_R_toggle Fuel_Pumps_1_ENG_BOTH_toggle Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_on Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_off Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_XFeed Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_dec Fuel_Valve_ENG_L_inc Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_on Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_off Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_XFeed Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_dec Fuel_Valve_ENG_R_inc Fuel_Valves_on Fuel_Valves_off Fuel_Valves_dec Fuel_Valves_inc Fuel_Valves_toggle_OnOff ... CowlFlaps_L_inc CowlFlaps_L_dec CowlFlaps_R_inc CowlFlaps_R_dec CowlFlaps_inc CowlFlaps_dec ... Parking_Breakes_set Parking_Breakes_release Parking_Breakes_toggle Cabin_Temp_Mode_manual_cool Cabin_Temp_Mode_cool_auto Cabin_Temp_Mode_cool_blower Cabin_Temp_Mode_off Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_auto Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_manual Cabin_Temp_Mode_heat_blower Cabin_Temp_Mode_inc Cabin_Temp_Mode_dec Cabin_Air_Knob_pull Cabin_Air_Knob_push Cabin_Air_Knob_toggle Copilot_Air_Knob_pull Copilot_Air_Knob_push Copilot_Air_Knob_toggle Cabin_Pressure_alt_goal_dec Cabin_Pressure_alt_goal_inc Cabin_Pressure_Dump_off Cabin_Pressure_Dump_on Cabin_Pressure_Dump_toggle Cabin_Rate_Knob_dec Cabin_Rate_Knob_inc Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_on Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_off Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_1_toggle Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_on Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_off Cabin_Pressure_Shutoff_Lever_2_toggle Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_1_inc Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_1_dec Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_2_inc Cabin_Pressure_Temp_Lever_2_dec The frontpage @ https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA is not updated for every single commit. So... If you download the latest version from the link above in this post, there shouldn't be any need for putting `versions` togehter. You should hopefully be able to use it 'as is'. If you find any bugs or miss any functions, you can leave me a request at my 'issues' page: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/issues%C2'> Kind regards, Joe
  3. Added the ability to cycle through the yellow tri-state-button for engine startup / generator on-off-start with simple pushbutton. Details and download see here: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commits/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua
  4. Latest changes in RealAir Turbine Duke V2 LUA (https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA#realair-turbine-duke-v2-linda-module): Cowl-Flaps: Counterchecked the Cowl-Flaps stuff. Added "mixed"-State if left and right cowl-flap were on different states, but changed together. Fuel-Valves: Added Fuel-Valves for explicit setting, inc & dec, incl. X-Feed. Latest changes are listed here: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commits/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua
  5. Here we go. I just added the requested functions plus a brief description to https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA#realair-turbine-duke-v2-linda-module so that you can easily change the step-width if you like as well. Best regards... Joe
  6. Good day to North Carolina Gregg, Hi to the rest of the world... Well, i'm sorry not being able to answer your last question... :-( But probably you might want to check it with the lua found at my repo: https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/blob/master/Modules/linda/aircrafts/RealAir%20Duke%20Turbine%20V2/actions.lua The script just handles the LVARs. So probably it is treated the way you prefer... directly by RealAir. I'd be glad if i could help you.... And... Your Homecockpit must be impressive.... :smile: All the best from Germany... Joe
  7. @Gregg: I'm still working on it... but... did you mean those ones? https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commit/bdad41e644873f2409d773aa643eef7a9f8abeca Best Regards, Joe
  8. @shadyowl2: i tried to add the elements you requested @ https://github.com/joeherwig/RealAir-Turbine-Duke-V2-LUA/commit/dfe2c63f1421d360219cbeaa99b54ec2d0212aa3 It is based on guenseli 1.3-Version. Feel free to test them. @guenseli: What do you think to switch to github for future LINDA-Modules. With that it's easy to fork and change the Files, and easily push them back via pull-requests. And... You have one place where allways the latest version (and all previos ones) reside without the need of searching the proper one between several older ones... If you like ... more via PM. ? :-)
  9. Well... Yes i'm really looking forward for the p3d installer for the legacy. I habe Messing around with fsx-legacy mode etc, and this plane would fit perfectly around my gtn750. So we'll see, when the announced Prepar3d 2.x compatibility will be given... Im shure those guys will do again a brilliant job. :-) Joe
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