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  1. I will try the brake but it is always the first thing I do according to the recommendation of the PMDG Tutorial, press the brake twice to deactivate the Automatic Brake José Bieletto
  2. En mi caso parece que también sucede al activar el GSX y solicitar el Folowme
  3. seguro, al salir de pista he apagado el freno automático
  4. After landing, when leaving the runway on the taxiway the B777 does not advance even if the power increases, the brake is blocked or something happens but it does not advance further. Process: I use the GSX, I leave the runway, I turn off the landing light, I turn on the TAXI light, I request the GSX FOLWME, the car arrives, I try to move forward and the B777 does not advance any further. Could you help me solve my problem? Thanks in advance José Bieletto
  5. Hello Bronze Sorry for answering so late but I was traveling. Thank you very much for the clarification, I am now downloading the NavAids. Merry Christmas Joseph
  6. I have the latest Airac 1613 downloaded from Navigraph for all PMDG products and the NAV MEX which now has the frecuency 115.9 can only be tuned to the previous frequency 115.6 The same happens with the frequency PVR of Puerto Vallarta and maybe others that I have not verified How can I update these frequencies on my PM7G B738? Jose Bieletto
  7. I had the same problem on the B738 PMDG I have posted where I report that this has been solved without doing anything about it. The only thing I have done is update the driver of my Nvidia graphics and the problem was solved. I assume the AS16 was not working well with the previous NVIDIA driver I hope it also helps you update the driver of your graphics, Joseph
  8. Weather Radar Solved My issue has been resolved Today has returned to show me the three types of coverage of the clouds, gren yelow and red, the only distinct is that yesterday update the controller of my Nvidia graphics. I assume the previous drivers did not work well with the radar scan, because I have not done anything additional. Thanks for your tips. Jose Bieletto
  9. Hi Dan Thanks for the answer, I already complain with HIFI, but they told me that it was not a problem caused by the AS16 as it works just like the ASnext. After this I uninstalled and reinstalled the B738 and after that I got to see the precipitacionbes in red, but in HiFi they did not help me. Jose Bieletto Hello Scandinavian 13 Thanks for the explanation, however before updating the AS from the Next to the AS16 the PMDG B738 radar showed me the cloud coverage in three different colors, Green, Yellow and Red, that is why the doubt has arisen. I thank you for the clarification, as it actually only shows me the rainfall and so it should be. Thank you very much Jose Bieletto
  10. Hi Since updating the Active Sky Next to Active Sky 16, the Weather Radar screen only shows the areas with storm clouds (red), but when the sky is clouded, the radar does not show green coverage. Only green spots are very scattered and very tenuous. However the EGPWS works perfectly well showing the height of the terrain by colors (Red, Amber and Green). Do you know what this is? Thanks in advance for your response José Bieletto
  11. Hello Al. I have tried to download the TXT files that you attached but the browser does not allow me to download them, I have logged in with my PMDG and AVSIM user account but do not allow it, can they still be downloaded from the corresponding league? Thanks in advance Jose Bieletto
  12. Thank you for all the help Steve, you send the file to the Yahoo address. I am in contact with the FTX Orbx support because I think it is a problem related to this addon textures. José Bieletto
  13. Hi Steve. I have done the test with DX9 and the problem persists. I have some screenshots where you can see these strange textures, but not how to attach them to this post or you can send the so I you can view the problem. Thanks for your help Jose Bieletto
  14. Steven Thanks for the answer, I have not tried to do it with DX9 on, I will try to do it and see what happens, as you do test it immediately comment. Thank you so much José Bieletto Donor There is nothing to excuse, however I appreciate your response. In my case, the problem arises in any area, as I said in my post I usually fly in Mexico, Spain some others countries in Europe and some cities in the United States and the phenomenon occurs equally in all of them, however it I comets may be the cause, I have installed some free scenarios and maybe one of them is causing the problem, I'll try removing each individually and see if this causes the problem. Thank you very much for your answer. José Bieletto
  15. Hi Steve I recently noticed that in some areas the ground as valleys and depressions to high levels of flight, are seen as if it were water. As I approached flying at the same flight level these textures are corrected and show the correct texture ground. If not due to driver updates the Nvidia graphics card or software incompatibilities. I installed the DX10 Scenery Fixer that looks tremendous with DX10 also the FTXGlobal, the FTX Global Vector, the FTX OpenLC Europe, the REX Esential, the FS Global 2010 and Active Sky Next. The PMDG NGX B737 and Airbus A320 Extrem Aerosoft. You could help me with your soble opinion what may be causing these errors? Thank you in advance for your answer. José Bieletto MY HARDWARE: CPU i7 370K MOTHER BOARD GIGABYTE Z77X C:\ 2.5 GB SSD WITH WINDOWS 10, 64 BITS D:\ 1TB HDD DATA, SOFTWARE AND FILES F:\ SSD 2.5 GB FSX-SE DEDICATED GPU NVIDIA GTX 970 RAM 16 GB DISPLAY. VGA 23.6 INCHES 60HZ
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