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  1. Bing will start at your individual home-location. If you enter the coordinates, zoom in and switch to aerial view then you see what is ment.
  2. I did not hear anything about localized versions in other languages than english. There will be many customers whose english is not good enough to use this simulation. Does anybody know more?
  3. There is more to observe in this screenshot: The wind turbines have double shadows and even a projection of the turbines on the ground is visible, caused by the angle of the aerial photo.
  4. What you can see on the four videos of Funchal - apart from the levels and shape of the runway - how different the sea and the waves look at different angles and different wind speeds! This is very different to what we could see on the preview pictures and videos, especially on the shorelines. I wonder if there will be waves at the shores and how they will differ from what we had at FSX.
  5. I think we will have to live with this double shadows. More or less, depending on the time and date of the aerial photos of the scenery.
  6. What I miss in this scenery are palm-trees on the shore. On the photos you can see the whole shoreline with palmtrees
  7. Looking at the cockpit instruments there is a strange and hard diagonal transition between sharp details and suddenly soft details. What "mode" (photo mode or else) causes such effect?
  8. I aggree that anti-aliasing is not turned up (or on) in this Athen-screenshot. But it's a pity that Bing and Google Earth have to invent each scenery twice! There is so much more detail in this part of Athens if you compare it with Google Earth. (But it is not made by Microsoft!)
  9. You are absolutely right! But if you look at the new FS2020 the screenshot of Rome has very correct buildings, also Berlin in an earlier screenshot compared to Salzburg.
  10. What about the liveries of these 50 aircraft? For instance will all the Airbusses of the same type have the same livery as we have seen in the preview?
  11. Thank you for clarification! A little bit of disappointment if this really affects whole Europe. So Bing has to "invent the wheel twice..."
  12. This very amazing update has only one screenshot with big disappointments at the second glance. It is the Salzburg screenshot from Djays72. Compared to real world photos (I have often been there) and Google Earth it seems that Bing has much much less visual data from Salzburg than Google Earth. I do not mean the castle, which is acceptable, but mainly the surrounding houses on the left side reminds me of the old times with FSX autogen houses. Not a single house in Salzburg look like these houses. Even the places with houses or parks or streets are wrong. I do not know if this is the latest version of this area and I hope this will be corrected. A big progress can be seen in trees and grass, where size, color and shape fits perfect to the scenery.
  13. I think there is still the need to correct nearly every bigger bridge in the world, where something can be seen or drive under it and there is no automatic process to do so. In SulfonicCarp982 screenshot there is a second river showing only green color. What I see in tomiaut1980 is that baked shadows cannot easily be removed, but covered with autogen trees.
  14. Still a lot to do in the Bucharest-scenery: correcting colors and bridges, removing fixed cars and adjusting height of many buildings. Anyhow: Lightyears forward compared to old FSX!
  15. I wonder how depth of field is managed in the screenshots and during flight. Sometimes everything is crisp and sharp from cockpit-instruments to background, also in outside views. But some screenshots have background out of focus (waves in MoMedia1) and some have foreground out of focus (leaves and trees in djays72). Is this an automatic effect or can this adjusted?
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