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  1. Framerate or this scenery. Pick one and only one.
  2. Hi all: I notice that some NGX liveries do not include a settings INI file. When I go to change them, there are no options listed at all. I highly suggest PMDG add the option to generate one automatically if it's missing, so we don't have to go into each livery ingame to generate an INI file. It would make life easier for those trying to configure a fleet outside of FSX. Nate G
  3. IMO, the 737 is a much better bird than the 777. I find it to be a much better product. I am not saying the 777 is bad, because it isn't -- but it is far from perfect. I enjoy flying the 737 a lot more, especially handflying it. I find the 777 to be a PITA to handfly -- anyone else notice just how high you must pitch the nose in a turn? It's crazy! 737 is a much easier bird to handle. Plus, I personally enjoy having more control over the systems than just flipping something to AUTO -- which, even then, some things don't work right. For example...half of the time, the 777's VNAV won't descend properly when I fly it. 737 works perfectly. Maybe it's just me, but I have found the NGX to be a far better, more complete product than PMDG's 777. I hope SP1 can change my mind, because that's still $90 I'm missing from my bank account that I am not 100% satisfied with. After all, new does not mean better! Nate Guarasci
  4. The 737's FMC can do more than the 777s. Nate Guarasci
  5. You know what'll make everyone happy? Port it to the NGX. Nate Guarasci
  6. That list of parts isn't just for a PMDG computer, that's for a goddamned NASA computer. Are you using 3 1080p monitors? No? You don't need an i7. Get the i5, save $100. Maybe get the 760. If you're not OCing, which it doesn't look like you are since you questioned what it even is, get a smaller watercooler. H80i or even an H50. That'll save you a few hundred in parts you probably won't even need -- and even then -- it still is much like a NASA computer. i5 3570K with a GTX 660 here. I can confirm this.
  7. It doesn't upset me at all, sweetie. I'm simply stating it as it is: You won't run FSX on Mac OS X, which you're arguing that you can. Nate G
  8. You can run it via Bootcamp, which is simply repartitioning your drive and installing Microsoft Windows. You are not running FSX natively on Mac OS X. You are not running ANY Windows ".exe" program on Mac OS X. Nate G
  9. If she's interested in a pretty box, perhaps she'd agree to one of these: http://build-its.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-fit-your-pc-in-power-mac-g5-case.html Nate G
  10. It would be absolutely pointless. Wow! Nate G
  11. Good luck running FSX on Mac OS. Nate G
  12. Hello, I'd like to see the Airbus X Extended A320 CFM Sharklets in Delta 2007 colours. I personally believe sharklets make the airplane look so much better. It can even be just an addition to the default Delta repaint, just with blue sharklets. Thanks
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