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  1. Of course. Old Fellow, I just un-installed 777 200/300ER with the 2 installer. And also removed the OC directory, and all instances Rep. or file "PMDG" in the P3D Rep and in the Rep. "Roaming", so everywhere. (Except of course respect FSX) Now the 777-200 / 300R work well and are doing wonderfully in my v2.4 Prepar3D with the beautiful sounds wonderful in 5.1. Finally, I see shadows moving on the dashboard ... Fantastic. Case closed, and thank you for your help Chris. ;-);-);-) Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  2. Hello Chris, Thanks for your answer ;-) There is something I forgot to say: I use the tool "Migration tool". Okay, I re-uninstall all : OC and 777 P3D via "PMDG 777-200LRF Base Package P3D.exe" (has noted that OC has no uninstaller.) And I'll talk to you here. (I had submit one Ticket in PMDG Support, no response at the moment) Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  3. Hello Staff, Hi All, After properly install in Prepar3D v2.4, I have no data in Operation Center. ( 777 200/300ER works very fine in Fsx SP2) And so i have this message at launch the 777 with Prepar3D v2.4 : and P3D shut down immediately. And for the OC take a look here : Thank you for your welcome contributions ... I began to be desperate Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  4. Hello W., Thank you for your opinion. You said : >If you ever activate your 777 in FSX ? Of course, I activated my 777 in FSX. As you say, I deleted these two files: "pmdgsim1_00973800_tsf.data" "pmdgsim1_00973800_tsf.data_backup.001" Don't work. It is always the same, I have the message in P3D v2.4: "The PMDG 777X Does not Support running in Prepar3D Lockheed Martin. The simulator Will now exit" Annoying problem ... (!) No solution in sight ... Regards, - Pierre-Jean
  5. Hello Sirs, I have the same problem as P Freeman "gypsyczar" I was there some days time installed my PMDG 777-200 / 300ER planned for FSX (which works fine in my FSX) in my Prepar3D v2.4. Seeing it not working with Prepar3D v2.4 course I had uninstalled PMDG 777-200 / 300ER in P3D v2.4 (waiting for better days LoL) And now with a new PMDG 777 for P3D I have the same message: "The PMDG 777X Does not Support running in Prepar3D Lockheed Martin. The simulator Will now exit" From my investigations, I think it may be a Windows registry problem? * Kyle(Hello!), for Activation I can not make it because my Prepar3D v2.4 shutdown after the message quoted above ... As said Kyle I will submit a ticket ... Regards, - Pierre-Jean
  6. Hi All, I created this list, is it good ? [ 1 ] PMDG 777-200LRF Base Package RTM.exe [ 2 ] PMDG_777_200LRF_6036_PACK_SP1_.exe [ 3 ] PMDG_777_200LRF_6061_SP1_b_.exe [ 4 ] PMDG 777-200LRF SP1c Update.exe [ 5 ] PMDG_777_300ER__v1.10.6061_EXPANSION_.exe [ 6 ] PMDG 777-300ER SP1c Update.exe Thanks you for your welcome contributions. Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  7. Yes, I know the system SATCOM Of course I agree with you, there is nothing to simulate. Thank you for your answers! Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  8. LoL. I simply want to know WHY and the reason it is not operational. Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  9. Hello Kyle, Oups, I meant : LSK2L <SAT is not in use ... (non-operational) Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  10. Hello All, Hi Staff, In the FMC MENU page, and LSK2L <SAT is still gray. I read read the docs but I can not find anything about it. ... Thank to you in advance for your help and support. Regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  11. Thank you gentlemen, ^_^ It was good that ... "Flight Test Package" is uncheck in FMC. I have discovered even more realism with this. Fantastic ! :o Best regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  12. Hello there, Hi Staff, These two "antenna" on the tail : ... How is it controlled ?! Thanks in advance. ww.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=519973Etrange.jpg][/url] Best regards, -- Pierre-Jean
  13. Hi Luke, Hi Staff, Glad to post here. There is something odd about the "* \ SimObjects \ Airplanes \ PMDG 777-300ER \ folder \sound.surround The sounds are in MONO. Why are they in MONO? There is probably a reason ... What does the PMDG Staff think ? ... I will try something (I love tinkering ;-) I have modified with "Audacity" and I have registered sounds in STEREO. We'll see what it will give ... I had a similar problem with my 5.1 sound card which read not WAV files that were recorded in MONO. A later here sure, I learning with the "alien" T777-300 ;-)))) Regards, - Pierre-Jean
  14. Thanks Stephen, also Thanks Kyle for your explain ! Yes ! It's working now . With the "/" before W or D ... I'have read the technical documents but currently there an other parameters? Thanks. Best regards, -- Peter-John
  15. Hi All, If I enter "W" for set SLOPE/CON, I have "INVALID ENTRY" So what to do now? Thanks. Best Regards, -- Peter-John
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