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  1. Ahhh I see. Well lets say one was to build there own yoke system (I started a thread about it; check it out) would it be thoughtful to put it in there then? Cheers, Vanka
  2. Hey guys so I looking to build my own homemade yoke and returning the Saitek yoke that I bought last week. I like the saitek but I feel like for that price and maybe even just under $200 I could build a fully fuctional yoke. My only problem now is that where am I supposed to buy just the yoke? Maybe a real one or is that a distrubuter out there that sells just yokes? I am using this guide (with a few of my own mods) to make this work. Or atleast I would like to! Let me know if any of you guys have any ideas and maybe would like to help me! If I can do this, I will start a nice thread that will guide my entire progress. Thanks guys. Cheers, Vanka EDIT: Here is the link! Look on that guy's website. GREAT guides. http://www.737ng.co.uk/Boeing_B737_Control_Column.pdf
  3. Honestly I would buy the parts and build one. Then you know all about troubleshooting and it is the lowest cost as for getting something that is worth the quality! Thanks for this, check out my thread if you have any questions about building one! Cheers, Vanka
  4. Hey there guys so I am looking to start building my overhead for my 737 cockpit. I have a really good build guide thanks to Brenden! This is a link to his 22 video setup from start to finish. He has been a great help and what he did was very affective! I don't think anyone can really get that good of a overhead without spending over $1000+ or atleast as far as I have seen. The plexiglass method seems to be interesting and creative, so unless has other good ideas that is what I am going with as for now. As for finding a board(s) I have looked all over the Internet at all different options and here are a few. Open Cockpits: http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/master-card-p-29.html?cPath=21_27 (A bit confused with this one) Leo Bodnar: http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836X/ Desktop Aviator: http://www.desktopaviator.com/Products/Model_2230/index.htm (Pulse so won't work with Prosim737) Flight Deck Solutions: http://www.flightdecksolutions.com/list_products.php?id=22 These are just a few that I have compilled together but I don't know which ones are really good and what not so I have decided to bring it to you guys and ask you guys for your opinions and see if you guys have good times with any of these in paticular! I also want to spend the least amount of money so I don't know which ones are paticularly good. Brenden on his sim used 5 Leo cards and at $85 (approx.) a piece thats about $425 which seams really expensive but who knows thats a good looking board that he developed. My main thought is leaning towards the FDS board because they have created many good looking and lasting products. And I think I might just return my Saitek and buy the FDS-FC1 Flight Control Interface and build my own joystick! But thats another battle another day... Anyway thanks guys! Cheers, Vanka
  5. I know this is a little weird but if we took apart the saitek yoke (lets say) and we put hall sensors in there.... is that even possaible? I know we can but hall sensors from Leo Bodnar and maybe we could make the saitek yoke worth it without having to spend upwards of $500+. Just an idea! Let me know if this is just a unresonable idea or its in a direction that we could go! Thanks guys and can't wait to get around AVSIM. Cheers, Vanka
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