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  1. I have solved the problem. I check with PPG the stock airport ENSB and then I blended the header of the XML file of the stock and the body of the SNSB.xml with the file from the Aerosoft scenery. Now all works (with no grownd traffic 🙂 ) Thank you for answare Paolo
  2. I do it becouse I adjust the airline position in the airport with the real airlines in that airort for all airport (static aircraft). But I have the same error. I check the position of airport in the scenery with ADE and in the ENSB.xml file (withing 5 miles) but noting. ENSB for PSX do not exist. I have the 17.0 release of PSXT and 14.0 of PPG
  3. Hello I have this error for Svalbard Longyear (ENSB). Please can you add this airport in the next change? Thank you Ciao Paolo
  4. You are right Nico. Changing the Model I had problems and I came back to the original. At this point it would be appropriate to add to the PSX also the indications of Aerosoft Airbus. Regards Paolo
  5. Ok Niko thank you for answere. I have change then model in [General] for all models Paolo
  6. Ciao Nico Same problem for Aerosoft A319 CFM Professional and, may be for all Aerosoft Airbus Family professional. Paolo
  7. Ok Think Young for support Regards Paolo
  8. Hello Nico, the airport of KOBE is missing in FSX and in P3D. I have instaled this free scenery https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=166149 and with the last version of ParkPosGenerator i have the RJBE.txt file as show (edited with Airlines codes in spot). PERCENTAGE_PARKED=100 NUM_PARK_POSITIONS=11 g10;34.635938;135.225443;353.9;PVT;GLF4,LJ40,C172 g11;34.635865;135.225685;129.2;PVT;GLF4,LJ40,C172 g3;34.636196;135.230298;353.9;ANA,ADO;B772,B763 g4;34.636217;135.229446;353.9;ADO,ANA,SNJ,SKY;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738 g5;34.636039;135.228618;353.9;ANA,SNJ,SKY,ADO;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738 g6;34.636062;135.227759;353.9;SNJ,SKY,ADO,ANA;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738 r1;34.636375;135.231758;353.9;SKY,ADO,ANA,SNJ;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738,B763,B772 r2;34.636353;135.231056;353.9;ADO,ANA,SNJ,SKY;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738,B763,B772 r7;34.636069;135.227050;353.9;ANA,SNJ,SKY,ADO;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738,B763,B772 r8;34.636067;135.226514;353.9;SNJ,SKY,ADO,ANA;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738,B763,B772 r9;34.636033;135.226056;353.9;SKY,ADO,ANA,SNJ;A20N,A21N,A320,A321,B737,B738,B763,B772 The problem is that PSXseeconTraffic do not read the files and I have non static traffic in KOBE. Thanks in advance for a possible help Paolo
  9. Nico, yes I know but I am modifying the files of ParkPosGenerator with the right airline code for each scenary installed on my Prear3D and I need some military aircraft to be placed in military parking spots when present in the scenario. Regards Paolo
  10. Thanks Nico for the quick reply and I apologize for not having remembered this in the manual. Well I try to be a "perfectionist" and I built a set of models using pay and free models. Below is the "AI_liveries.txt summary" section and the "live traffic livery matching summary" 4358 liveries read from file D:\PSXseeconTraffic\AI_liveries.txt 23983 Registration codes for a livery no generic Boeing liveries generic Airbus liveries for 4 types: A342 A345 A346 A388 no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries generic Private liveries for 1 types: C208 679 unique airlines 65 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B763, num liveries: 152 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type B738, num liveries: 703 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type C208, num liveries: 42 No default livery found for aircraft category Helicopter 56 liveries needed, 93% were completely matched of which 100% were matched upon registration code =x= 2 random liveries for type Regards Paolo
  11. Hello Nico. I would like to know which code I must insert at atc_parking_codes = for military aircraft? Thank you Paolo
  12. Hello Nico, can you add TID Air Tindi https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines/8t-tid Regards Paolo
  13. Hello Nico. Please add TID - Air Tindi https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines/8t-tid/fleet Thank you Paolo
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