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  1. Hello Kiek, now all work fine. I have a curiosity now. When I generate a file about an airport, then I add the ADCAD section where it is very easy to indicate an airline in a parking lot. Is it possible to automatically add the AFCAD section when generating the file as was the case with PPG? Thanks Paolo
  2. Thenk You Niko Now all work fine Paolo
  3. I have the last version of PSX and follow the guide but PSX do not reconize the airports. The directory in PSX airports is empty. Now I have just intslled LBSW and PSX sed file not found.
  4. Hello I use PPG but now (ver. 24.2) tell me "Ths Version has been reverted, download version 1.0) I have read the FAQ and connect the airport and liveries but, for the new installation about a airport I can't have the file xml. I can do it? Paolo
  5. Thank you Kiek for the assistence because I thought that the red color meant the impossibility of connecting PSXT with Real Traffic.I have to read the manual better which, alas, changes practically every day. 🙂 I've always had PSXT on a secondary pc because I pre-order this so I can see if everything works fine with my P3Dv5.2 Paolo
  6. But Data Program on PSXT is in red and I think there is someting no work fine Yes PSXT is running over the network (from the first time several years ago). Now I deinstalled Real Traffic and PSXT and then reinstalled it and seems all works fine. Thank you Paolo
  7. Hello, This is the last log file Fri Sep 24 14:08:08 2021 (utc) PSXT (64 bit) version 26.3 for Prepar3D v5.2 ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\Paolo\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\parameters.xml BLOCK_CALLSIGN= COLLISION_USER_GND=true MAIN_WINDOW_X=704 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=555 REMOVE_FALSE_THRESHOLD=50 PROGRAM_VERSION=26.3 LIVERIES_FOLDER=d:\PSXseeconTraffic AIRPORTS_FOLDER=parked INSTALL_PATH=D:\PSXseeconTraffic LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=false LOG_APF_CHANGES=false AIL=false PPG=false RANDOM=true ADD_ORIG_DEST=false ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false AUTO_MODE=true LOG_MATCH_LIVE=true LOG_MATCH_STATIC=true LOG_PARK_CHANGES=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true UPDATE_GEAR_HEAVY=true UPDATE_GEAR_NON_HEAVY=false LATERAL_RANGE=40 MATCHING_DEPTH=8 PARKED_MATCHING_DEPTH=8 ******************************************************************************** RegOpenKeyExW failed.: Impossibile trovare il file specificato. RegOpenKeyExW failed.: Impossibile trovare il file specificato. Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml, PSXseeconTraffic-21.0-Sep 1, 2021 Wingspan information read from data\wingspan.xml, PSXseeconTraffic + Nico-21.0-Sep 1, 2021 ********************************************** liveries summary ********************************************** 4625 liveries read from file d:\PSXseeconTraffic\AI_liveries.xml , AILGenerator-9.3-Jan 30, 2021 25835 registration codes found in the liveries of the user 719 unique airlines, 83 unique aircraft types Similar aircraft types read from data\types.xml, PSXseeconTraffic-21.0-Sep 1, 2021 Generic liveries for 3 types 1058 liveries in aircraft category Heavy 3502 liveries in aircraft category Middle 65 liveries in aircraft category Light No livery found in aircraft category Heli 8936 registration codes + Airline + Type added from data\regcodes.xml , AILGenerator+Nico-6.0-Sep 1, 2021 ************************************************************************************************************** 9623 airports read from data\airports_p3d.xml, ParkPosGenerator-24.1-Sep 19, 2021 for which an airport file is found Waiting for Flight Simulator (FSX or P3D) ... Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 ( connected User ac title: Maule M7 260C paint3 User ac model: M7, half wing span: 5.1 meter, category: Light User ac status: on ground The parking airport is LICT (TPS) User aircraft on the ground at LICT (TPS) Parking percentage set from airport file: 35 Airport file parked\LICT.xml for Vincenzo Florio, ParkPosGenerator-24.2-Sep 24, 2021 supplier: P3D stock airport altitude feet: 25 home base: max two: parking positions: 58 18 with AFCAD airlines info (31%) actual hour only: 0 real only: 0 not yet updated 14:08:11 Real is off, Actual hour is off There are 0 parking positions with valid options at 14:00 (utc) +/- 12 hours Trying to add parking positions from AFCAD information 7 parking positions to be filled = 12% (vs wanted 35%) Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXseeconTraffic ... Data provider connected Traffic Reader connected QNH Reader connected QNH=1018 DTR2_ DTR AT72 =3= OSP-ATR72-200 - Danish Air Transport - OY-RUR DTR3_ DTR AT43 =3= OSP-ATR42-300 - Danish Air Transport BPA4_ BPA B733 =3= FAIB-B737-300LL - Blue Panorama - I-BPAI BPA5_ BPA B738 =3= FAIB-B737-800WL - Blue Panorama BPA6_ BPA B734 =3= FAIB-B737-400 - Blue Panorama Airlines DTR7_ DTR AT43 =3= OSP-ATR42-300 - Danish Air Transport - White LAV8_ LAV B738 =3= FAIB-B737-800WL - Albastar QNH Reader has stopped Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM 14:10:11 User closed PSXseeconTraffic Livery cache usage: 0%, add 0, rem 0, hit 0 ************************** Parking history for LICT (TPS) at Sep 24, 2021 ************************** g301 14:07:50 parked (a) LAV8_ FAIB-B737-800WL - Albastar g302 14:07:50 parked (a) DTR2_ OSP-ATR72-200 - Danish Air Transport - OY-RUR g303 14:07:50 parked (a) BPA4_ FAIB-B737-300LL - Blue Panorama - I-BPAI g304 14:07:50 parked (a) DTR3_ OSP-ATR42-300 - Danish Air Transport g305 14:07:50 parked (a) BPA6_ FAIB-B737-400 - Blue Panorama Airlines g308 14:07:50 parked (a) DTR7_ OSP-ATR42-300 - Danish Air Transport - White g309 14:07:50 parked (a) BPA5_ FAIB-B737-800WL - Blue Panorama **************************************************************************************************** Traffic Reader has stopped MAIN_WINDOW_X=704 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=555 Fri Sep 24 14:10:12 2021
  8. After updating PSXT to the latest version, I cannot connect with the data provider. I have Real Traffic on the same computer. Thanks Paolo
  9. Hello Kiek After PSXT update to version 20.4 every works fine and it is much easier to put planes in airport parkings. Thank you for what you have done and for what you are doing. However I must say that in the log I encounter this error many times as Real Traffic is unable to locate the airport. How can this error be corrected? Thanks. I put one of my logs. Paolo
  10. I have read. Thanks. The main problem is, regardless of where the data is taken, the fact that traffic ends up under the surface when it lands. Is it possible to do something about these problems? Paolo
  11. Hello, I'm a first time user of Real Traffic and PSXT and I always updated all the programs every time the new version was released. I can't remember which version gave the best results because I have always updated everything but what I remember well was the excellent correspondence between what is represented by PSXT and Flight Radar 24. Now that the source is not Flight Radar 24 it is not important but the correspondence must be there as Flight Radar 24 represents the actual traffic. Having said that I will try to widen the radius to 100 nm. Thank you and best regards Paolo
  12. Hello Niko I have installed PSXT version 20.2 and PPG version 20.1 with Prepar3Dv5 but I have the problem that ground traffic disappears because it goes underground or is not represented compared to Flight Radar 24. An example: KFLL di LatinVFR or KIAH di FSDT. (All file generated with PPG 20.1). With previous versions of PSXT I did not have this problem, ground traffic did not disappear and the representation in the simulator was the same as in Flight Radar 24 Thank you for answare Paolo
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