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  1. I switched from the old PSXT Client-Server version to this new version a few days ago and, despite having read the manual, I'm still trying to understand how it works. I thought it was a virus. Thank you Paolo
  2. Today I opened my PSXT_Traffic ver.2.7.0 and it told me to reinstall to 2.6.0. I reinstalled and used once with no problems. I installed a new Justsim scenario and reopening PSXT_Traffic 2.6.0 again I get the message to go back to 2.5.0 which is not on the site. What happens? Thank you Paolo
  3. Can we hope for a PSXT update for Prepar3dv6? Thank you Paolo
  4. Ok thank you. I ugraded my Real Traffic from Standard to Professional.
  5. I have this problem: even though I have selected a destination I cannot check the box "learn destination" Why? Thank you Paolo
  6. Hello Please does anyone know the exact sequence for starting the engine with the "Prop Brake" because I've tried everything but the props just keep starting. Thank you Paolo
  7. I know this way of doing an update and I use it in case of Hot Fix. When there is an upgrade to a new release I prefer to uninstall and reinstall everything. This way I clean up Prepar3d because sometimes I mess up the scenarios. However even with Prepar3D v. 5.4 PSXT, in client server, works fine. Paolo
  8. Ok thank you to all. I'm completely uninstalling ver. 5.3 and then I reinstall 5.4 (I like it that way) and then I'll try PSXT that I use in client server. Paolo
  9. Hi, In these days the 5.4 version of Prepar3d has been released. Before proceeding to update the simulator I would like to know if PSXT Ver. 37.2.3 is compatible with the simulator or we have to wait for your update to the program?. Thank you Paolo
  10. Ok but sorry that, in some airports this happens after a couple of hours with learner and over 30 or 40 updates. Thank you Paolo
  11. Hello, Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, after using Learner on an airport, and I open PSXT for traffic view on that airport, the PSXT closes after a few seconds (CTD). In order to use it again on that airport I have to delete the file in update_airports and in Snapshot. If, on the other hand, after I have had the PSXT CTD and go to open the Learner, I get another error because the PSXT is still believed to be open. I use PSXT for P3Dv5 in Client Sever version. All related logs are attached the Learner Log And the LEBL.xml which caused PSXT to close Thanks for a possible solution Paolo
  12. Thank you I added manually waiting the next version Paolo
  13. Hello, please can you add this airport: <airport code="LEMI" iata="RMU" lat="37.8030" lon="-1.1250" alt="631" /> Thank you Paolo
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