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  1. Yes i did that. It happens only with 737 900 version.
  2. Hi Guys I found a bug i quess with my nose gear. When i select up position the nose gear dissapears.
  3. I have the same issue here too. very strange problem.
  4. I had the same error like that today. I removed everything exept the updater. So i started the updater and it has worked for me. In the that folder i left only OC updater.
  5. HEY guys codechris , downscc well I did reinstall and I updated my fsuipc and it looks it is fixed for now. I didnt have a problem in 5 flights I did this weekend. I had read in couple of forums that this was dedicated due fsuipc. that fsuipc couses problem. thanks too your help guys, Have nice day and nice flights :rolleyes:
  6. Hey downscc oke I will remove VAinterface and I will try again. I will report you this weekend about it. thank you for your help well it looks so after the last update. before that I dindt have it.
  7. Hey friend just imagine it is just a normal flight. starting at cold and dark cockpit starting up filling route to the fmc. i make normal taxi normal takeoff and climbing to the cruise altitude. while I climb fmc screen frozes. I do nothing else before departure I check my v1 speeds and takeoff after 10000 I switch to legs page or prog page. when i nearly to my cruise altitude it freezes the screen than. if I use VAinterface fmc on my ipad I can change informations on fmc but. in game I see nothing happening. I use addons like ASN (active sky next) and rex products. thats all I can say at the moment. Thanks for your help
  8. hey friend, well I put my flight plan that I planed doenst matter what, where I fly or what flight plan I insert. it happens every where. when I finish my flight plan and takeoff and i am nearly to my cruise altitude it freezes. I normaly set always to legs page after takeoff but it doenst matter what page I select. its just freezing. It freezes mostly when i Fly online. thats it I have further no information it happens in both planes. pmdg 777 and pmdg 737. I just wonder is there something that interface with it when I fly online.
  9. Hey Guys how are you all . I have some problems with the fmc's in my aircrafts. When I airborn and near my cruise altitude the fmc are freezing. and it happens mosly when I fly online ivao or vatsim. I have a Link here you can look at i is not mine but it happens to other people too. I couldt find any fix for it. this is the link from you tube if you guys can help me I will be glad. thanks
  10. hey kevin I did something with the and cfg files I make it from fsxse an fsxms and I used regedit now I could install the immersion and it is working fine so. but i didnt use it online. maybe this could help you too. salim
  11. hey keven thank you for the information. I am looking forward to it. have a nice day Salim
  12. hey guys I have installed Pmdg 777 to fsx steam. but I cant install the immersion it says pmdg 777 Must have been installed. But it is already installed. does anybody have the same problem too. is there any fix for this issue. Salim Said
  13. hI I have the same problem too but I have fsx se and fsxms. I cant install the -300 too I did what glen says but it doenst worked out for me. Salim said
  14. Hi Mike thank you for your understanding. yes I had used repair and yeah you quess messed up everthing of pmdg so I removed FSX.SE and installed pmdg to the FSX.boxed version. now is everything working wel I did not install the FSX.SE I am gone wait for further tweaks till it fixed. than I will install it. thank you for your time to reply. have nice marry chritmas. Salim
  15. Thank you mike I will have a look at it. but mine mean question is if I have pmdg installed on my normal fsx no problem everything works fine. I dont install the pmdg on FSX.SE but if I want to go too pmdg operation center its says no aircraft installed. the direction that operation system is I change it in the cfg to the FSX.BOXED edition still if I open again says the same thing. I can fly with out any problem the pmdg. but I cant install new livery. I have read about the pmdg FSX.SE I now some things doenst work it. but I dont istall to I install to fsx.boxed. still that operation center says no aircraft. this thing I dont understant why the hell says the operation no aircraft installed :s