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  1. Here you can see what I mean: https://files.fm/f/4ktgr8uwx
  2. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be related to the driver. I reinstalled the driver I had previously and also uninstalled it and installed the latest NVIDIA driver you can get. Still happens. I also tried version 2.4 of UGCX but that didn't solve it either. Also compared to the user in that link you posted the flickering square does not appear around lights and not in the same fashion (in the videos of this user the flickering is related to the flashing of the lights which is not happening to me).
  3. No, the panel itself works fine. The square appears once the pushback tug appears and moves in towards my nosewheel and flickers until the pushback is almost complete.
  4. Hi, I'm experiencing some weird flickering every time I startup UGCX pushback. It's this black tile as shown in the screenshot and it's flickering like hell, especially when I move the camera and it will only stop when pushback is finished (or rather I'm out of the gate on the taxiway). I already reinstalled UGCX but it still happens unfortunately. And it only happens when using UGCX. I'm running P3D V5.2HF1 (yes, not the latest version, but 5.3 is unusable for me) and UGCX version 2.6. Do you maybe have an idea how to fix this issue? Is it related to some textures? Thanks! Best regards, Martin
  5. This. Who is going to tell them that they will face this problem in MSFS, too and maybe even more complicated than in P3D? One way or another, something like this will likely be implemented in the future. As of now, we barely have any ground handling or jetway control (apart from the kinda CTRL + J)
  6. I had the same issue with LGSK. I didn't exclude XGSK like it was reported in the log because I didn't know it was an issue. But this time, during the return flight, it constantly brought up this message in the title and I believe it also caused my flight simulator to crash when I was on final to EDDF because it started to hang when I got the message from UGCX. What is going on?
  7. I tried it now in RKPC and there it seemed to work.
  8. Does FSLabs use C#? I do believe it has something to do with the interaction between FS2Crew and the Airbus. I will give it a try...
  9. I did. Unfortunately it also happened in KSAN (ORBX).
  10. Hello, I'm experiencing more and more CTD when the PM is doing his Preflight flow, just after he tested the fire alarm and I assume goes through the ECAM pages (I start this 35min prior ETD). It definitely happens before he calls the ground. I had two consecutive CTDs today in KDEN, Gate A46, with the A320SL so I thought I could reproduce the issue. On the third try it finally worked however, but I don't know what happens. In the event viewer, the panels.dll is listed as involved module. Also, a .NET runtime error is shown: Application: Prepar3D.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: exception code c0000005, exception address 00007FFC6F088A2B Do you maybe have an idea how to fix this? So far, I've experienced those crashes only when I was CM2 (right seat) and the PM is on the left seat and does his thing. Thanks! Best regards Martin
  11. I have the latest version of the Airbus (.105) installed in P3D v4 and v5 but for some reason, the config manager for v5 struggles with adding FS2Crew into the airbus in P3D v5. It says in the config manager that it's active but it's not. After reinstalling FS2Crew and activating/deactivating a couple of times I then added the entries in the panel.cfg myself and it works now.
  12. Hello, I noticed that on every flight after the first, the PMs callout "1000 to go" and his subsequent action to set the TCAS to Below is not triggered. On the first flight it works just fine, but after that the PM never does it again. He will, however, call out the crusing altitude shortly after ("crusing FLXXX, check"). So it shows that he knows the CRZ level and it is correctly set, just the trigger is missing. Can you please have a look why that happens? Thank you very much!
  13. Hello, I tried Little Navmap today and so far it's awesome! However, maybe I'm missing this, but if not: is is possible to add the actual flown route when looking up a flight in the logbook? As of now I can only see the flight plan routing, but today I got so many vectors that the flown route doesn't really resemble the planned one. Thank you! Martin
  14. Ah yes, I forgot that it's the PFs duty. Then I think I'll just switch off the option that PM controls the lights. Thanks!
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