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  1. How can I delete the annoying views of aircraft interiors? I prefer to have views in all directions than the pointless interior photos. They add nothing to the experience. Win10, FSX-SE
  2. FGBT stock airport in FSX-SE is completely wrong, perched atop mountains along the Equatorial Guinea coast ...but the actual elevation is 13 ft. with nothing but flat land in all directions. I downloaded addon scenery which flattened the mountains and created a reasonable airport. AI aircraft approaching rwy 21 land successfully but on approach to rwy 03, the heading is 010 rather than 028 and the plane lands on to the east as if approaching rwy 01. What could be the cause? In ADE, I've examined all the data for the airport and the runways but can't find anything with a heading of 010. I presume that AI land on an installed runway. (Does Prepar3D handle African terrain better than FSX where rivers and lakes are elevated like aqueducts?) thanks
  3. aquila40

    AI Boat Controller confusion

    Well, a bit more digging and I found the answer by Doug Linn at;_ylu=X3oDMTEyZzAyMXM3BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjQ5ODJfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1512059981/RO=10/ It's a very concise and complete guide to creating ship routes. The actual path can be created using Google Earth and quickly compiled. I'm now riding along on the helo deck of a Coast Guard out of San Diego headed for San Clemente Island! It took me less than an hour to find the guide, pull together the boat, the plan, and the route. AI flight and ship routes really add a lot to FSX!
  4. aquila40

    AI Boat Controller confusion

    After reviewing the instructions again, I've decided it can't be to hard given how many hundreds of ship routes Henrik A. Nielsen produced ... a truly awesome achievement
  5. I've enjoyed using AIFP to create many flight plans serving military airfields as well as adding mil_combat and mil_cargo parking using ADE. I also enjoy having boat traffic, both commercial and naval, leaving my plane at the airport and launching my boat. I'd like to create boat traffic and installed AI Boat Controller; however, the software is confusing (compared to the ease of AIFP) since it seems that a floatplan needs to be created from scratch using a text editor to add every detail. It doesn't seem possible to open an existing plan to see what one looks like (the samples included are informative) but having no template to follow and facing the task of listing every detail in every line of the file is daunting and discouraging (for me, FORTRAN and other coding). I'm spoiled by the ease of AIFP and wondering if there are any ways to simplify the creation of boat traffic using AIBTC.
  6. I've enjoyed the WofAI, following various flights and interacting as much as possible (providing military airports with mil_combat or _cargo parking spaces, etc.).. I've found that some AI aircraft are too high on approach and continue to go around or that they crash into the ground trying to get to the approach alltitude. In the first case, I've tried tweaking the .cfg autopilot setting for vertical speed but to no avail. In the second case, the aircraft was at FL320 20nm from the airport. Is there any way to correct erroneous flight situations in free flight? AI Controller seems to only relate to specific airports and approaches.
  7. aquila40

    Africa Mesh Mess

    Hi! I've just flown the Nile from where FSX decides to switch from a stripe on the terrain to a navigable body of water (north of Kako Keji, South Sudan) to where the 1800' elevation descends to the the 1500' of the surrounding terrain (just north of Juba). The river actually flows downhill! I was able to stay on the surface in my amphibian and the elevation changed from 1800 to 1500 ... fantasic! I can't understand why then didn't do it sooner since the ground elevation to that point was around 1500! I think I have a new project ... navigating the Nile to find the breakpoints where the elevation changes. I guess I've become a bush pilot ... bored with regular airline routes (after years of VAs, I went with which posts real world routes but have grown bored with that ... so, I've gone to AI and started with the military routes, modifying the airports with military activity using ADE so that the planes can land and taxi (they poof if there's no mil_combat or mil_cargo parking space or if there's no link from the runway to the taxiways). I love flying in bad weather and mountainous terrain - Norway is super on both counts and, of course, South America and the Andes not to mention Alaska. Europe in the winter is great for zero/zero conditions. I'm not ready to spend the cost of FTX Global or Vector but will keep looking. In the meantime, I'll be trekking the Sub-Sahara! lol Thanks for the response!
  8. I've been exploring Africa by installing all the WoAI packages I can find (preferably obscure or extinct airlines) and following the various flights. A recent flight from HSSS to HSSJ (Juba, South Sudan) revealed the Nile to be flowing in an "aqueduct" 3000' above the surrounding terrain. I had installed FreeMesh Africa and decided to try a different mesh scenery - AfricaSRT at simaviation- with the same result. I can't imagine the difficulty and intensity the labor involved might be, but it occurred to me that MS may have made rivers and lakes resistant to change by the current mesh methods since they are usually flat and level, unlike the surrounding terrain. I've flown a floatplane and landed at various points near HSSJ and the elevation is 1800 or so ... Google Earth suggests it's 1500 or so ... the elevation of the airport, Given how flat the terrain is in that area of Africa, it baffles me why the river should be 3000' above the terrain ... Anyway, any suggestions for African mesh, other than the high-priced FTX Global and those mentioned above? (does it address all of Africa?).
  9. I've been flying MSFS since the 80s and have never been able to perceive a difference a special mesh file makes in the flying experience. I'm currently using FSX-SE (Win10, Geforce1080) and have been flying routes in the Andes and Madagascar and airports are either sunken deep into a hillside or atop a plateau several hundred feet about the surrounding terrain. The same for rivers and lakes. I've installed numerous scenery files claiming to flatten and render realistic the anomalies. I've used ADE to solve some problems but others defy the well intention efforts of scenery designers. I love VFR flying, especially in mountainous areas, and it seems that both FSX and designers are unable to render terrain more forgiving .... trying to land in a chasm 2k feet deep is challenging but not the kind I prefer (poor visibility, rain, snow, gusty winds make FS enjoyable). What can I expect from a mesh file in terms of airports? I run mesh complexity at 100 and resolution at 1m ... are there any other tweaks that will resolve the matter?
  10. Only Steam, not the boxed version ... thanks for the help!
  11. I've d/l and installed the most recent version of AIFP but it won't recognize FSX-SE as the target version. I've tried to edit the AIFP config file but to no avail. Any suggestions of advice? Win10, FSX-SE
  12. Yes, moving map with active a/c (AI or VATSIM)! I forgot to add that important wish. Was spoiled by FS Navigator (still using FS9 so I can take advantage of it). FS Commander is the perfect tool with links to routefinder, etc. I forgot to add I'll use it with FSX-SE so, unlike FSC, I hope it's compatible. I'll check out aivlasoft efb! Thanks!
  13. I've discovered that FSC isn't compatible with FSX-SE (per the creator, Volker Heine) and wonder if there are any addons comparable to FSNavigator or FS Commander which are compatible with FSX-SE. The default GPS which hasn't changed in years has always been a sad aspect of FS. (IMHO). Thanks!
  14. Wow, FSX-SE is effortless! My new Win10 PC wouldn't allow me to install the boxed edition and I thought I'd be left high and dry ... however, all the addons I like have been easy to install, all the a/c, vPilot, Active sky, etc. seems to be a lot of latitude in tweaking the a/c ... haven't gotten around to the addon scenery, yet.
  15. I just installed FSX-SE and wonder if any of the addons FSX I've accumulated through the years are permitted with the Steam edition. I particularly like to replace the minipanel with one that's more functional and can be found on avsim. Can we edit any of the .cfg files? add Active Sky, Flight Sim Commander, etc.? not to mention addon scenery and aircraft ... What can I look forward to without spending many times the purchase price of the basic edition?