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  1. By any chance did you notice the first 'sticky' in this forum regarding Carenado aircraft being used as Ai. If you are near them they can cause your engine to stop. Is that your symptom ?
  2. Just picked up this suggestion over at P3D Forum. I installed and no errors...yet. Worth loading for everyone anyway. https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ Mark
  3. Oliver, Yes, I get it that you opted for the manual sharing of AI. I just wanted to tell you that we tested it out with the sharing and everything worked like a charm. I had to turn off Traffic in P3D because one of your options was Share All. So, as it implies, all the AI, even the ones generated by P3D that showed up in the main AITX screen, were sent to the clients. That is great as it now gives me more options. My WWII mission on Monday for my flight crew is now achievable. I am flying a Japanese flying boat ( an Emily) with a Rear Admiral around the Solomon Islands inspecting airfields. My other members have three Vought Corsair F4U's and they will try and find me and shoot me down. At least on Monday I will now be able to have an escort of Zero fighters that the Corsairs will be able to see ! I can also send off other Japanese flights using their own flight plans to lure the Corsairs away. That is what I can't thank you enough for making these dreams come true for us old blokes. Thank you again for your help and patience. Mark
  4. Oliver, Got it. I wrongly assumed that as soon as you setup and connect the Server/Client that any AITX added AI would be automatically seen by the clients.You need to manually Share or Share All for them to be seen by the client, as long as they have the same models in their simobjects folder I'll retest on weekend with a client and confirm all good but so far, brilliant. Thanks again Mark
  5. Hi Oliver, Well we followed your instructions. Doing Port forwarding in my router helped. I also put in my Public IP address in the AITX Multiplayer NetworkHandler box instead of accepting the default that showed up when first starting. So now we are further down the track but not quite there yet. Only using AITX ( with me being the server ) , we can see each others plane. Also the dialogue boxes for Server and client see each other and we can chat in the chat box. However. The client cannot see any of my AI aircraft I add via AITX. Not sure what to do next ? Maybe changing to another port ? We'll have this sorted soon. Thanks for your help and advice Mark
  6. Thank you Oliver. Great instructions. Here in Australia, must be off to bed now. Hopefully one of my client aircrew can test with me tomorrow so I'll report back as soon as we've tried. Sounds straight forward enough. Best regards Mark
  7. Oliver, Thanks for the reply. A V5 installer would just make the old guys more 'relaxed' making things automatic. If V4 should work that'll be OK. I'll try and explain the problem. We use JoinFS for all of us to join over the internet. I assume that would be in replacement of the Multiplayer button ? As it was I surrounded myself with AI aircraft but the '' client' could see me but not the AI planes. We made sure that he had the same planes in his simobjects folder. So next, whilst still in Join FS, and seeing each other, but not the AI, I clicked on the Multiplayer. Then clicked on server. The clients plane then came up on the main AITX screen of all the AI, but within the Server dialogue box, nothing. He also could not see any of my AI. Also he did not have anywhere to input my ip and port adress if it was needed. Lastly he did not have any menu options show up in P3Dv5, if the client does get any. I hope that makes things a bit clearer So do we copy the V4 AITX client files in documents folder to V5 documents folder or no need. ? Am I duplicating having JoinFS AND clicking on Multiplayer ? Any test we can try to see if V5 can see the client ? I hope this is a little more clearer. Sincerely Mark
  8. Hi Oliver, I have a small online flying group of old retired chaps. I have AITX and I am trying to get the AITX client to work for them, so that can see any AI planes I add around me. We tried last night but without success. There is no installer for P3Dv5 in the client zip. Does that mean it will not work for P3Dv5 or you just haven't made one yet ?. Is there a way we can convert the P3Dv4 installer to work in V5 ? Copy the contents of the Documents\ P3dV4 addons to Documents\ P3Dv5 addons., or it can't be that easy ? We use JoinFS as our online platform I welcome your suggestions. Mark
  9. Yep. Installed in P3D v5. I have checked a few airports and seems to have 'taken', so far all good.
  10. Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia. YLTV
  11. Retired Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, just over 2 years now. I've been flight simming since my Commodore Amiga days. Now I have a magnificent full size Learjet 45 cockpit to keep me occupied. I built a purpose built 'hangar' to house it, out in a paddock. When the wife unfurls her infinite list of jobs, she know where to find me............................unfortunately.
  12. I also want to second the PNG strips from ORBX. Yes it is expensive but you can wait for ORBX's deals that come around. It's a once off cost and many hours of enjoyment.and Global means global not just PNG. Also I just purchased Aerosoft Lukla that got released for P3dv4 last week. Wow. If you want to fly out of Lukla and land at added local strips and fly around Everest then fun is coming your way. It is well worth the cost. Australia V2 has 100's of added and upgraded airports. You want desert strips or 'bush' strips then you probably have a lifetime supply right there. Southern Alaska by ORBX also has many small strips. Aerosoft Antarctica has many strips as well. We really are spoilt for choice if you get away from your local comfort zone and explore the world. Yes it costs money but seriously how much pleasure do you get out of this wonderful hobby ? Just think how much a boat and it's on-going cost amount to ! Mark
  13. I downloaded Radar Contact but never installed it so now is my big chance. Thanks for that pointer. Researching elsewhere it is highly suggested that the fix is that we need to install P3D v4.5 Content. I don't know if there are any consequences for doing this as I have only been upgrading the Client for each point. I have so much 'stuff' installed that I might create a total mess. Maybe you and I will be waiting for V5 to get our ATC back or ...............................MS Flight Simulator ! Cheers Mark
  14. Hi JayDub, I've got to say that I too have exactly the same symptoms as you. I noticed it a few weeks ago but have not been able to work out the offending download...I assume. I have reinstalled the P3D v4.5 client to no avail. I have just gotten on without using ATC which is not a satisfactory solution. I'll be waiting for any other suggestions as well. Mark
  15. Thanks Barry. I check out Little NavMap and see what help it'll be. We are finalizing our flight Plan (with flexibility). So looks like probably; Cairns Darwin Bali Singapore Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Hong Kong Taipei Shanghai Seoul Northern Japan ...... not sure after that........Juneau. You are a good incentive for me to get on with the pictures as I am going along. I'm using P3D v4.1 so is looking pretty awesome. I have just spent the last day adding a lot of freeware to my mates FSX-SE. It still not a patch on P3D. He is retired so he doesn't want to spend any money yet so he doesn't have any ground texture software just Soft Clouds from Rex. Thanks for your on going communication, we'll keep in touch. Regards Mark
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