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  1. Mark Hyder

    Your age?

    Thanks I think my first one was Flight Simulator for Windows 95 i think.
  2. Mark Hyder

    Your age?

    It was my birthday on Monday and now I am 30 years old.
  3. Mark Hyder

    Your age?

    Will be 30 soon.
  4. I find sometime the pushback does not work sometime. It start to pushback, turn to the left ok, but does not stop. If I stop the pushback and start to taxi to the runway, I get a message that pushback had been completed and tells to me set breaks. When this happens it turn on the pushback back on and stop the taxi and the plane goes back. Does the pushback work on addon airports?
  5. In the end I found what I was looking for, But wish that was info how to use pushback and put into the checklist.
  6. Also I was looking at the FS2Crew2010 Default FSX 737 Main Ops Manual.pdf and I could not find to to say to get pushback and I know this info is in the FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGX Manual. I think the FS2Crew2010 Default FSX 737 Main Ops Manual.pdf should say what to say about pushback as the FS2Crew2010 Default FSX 737 does support it.
  7. I remember I did the training for UK and not for US. I have now done US training and will test it out within FSX. P.S. I did say checked and next before in the checklist before and it worked, But did not work when I came to Windows Locked.
  8. I have the FS2Crew 2010: FSX 737 Default Edition Voice Commander and been looking at the Appendix A FS2Crew 737 Normal Checklist. Under Before Start it says Windows Locked, But I keep getting a message back saying No. What does the Windows mean.
  9. Mark Hyder

    Your age?

    29, 30 in feb