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  1. Thanks for the answer! Maybe i send an mail to RT . This is what i found: Why are IATA and ICAO codes different? Since the code contains only three letters, the possible combinations are limited and consequently the IATA codes are not unique in some cases, with the same code used to designate two different airports. Therefore, the ICAO codes were created because aviation requires a unique designation for airports what is now common used in aviation.
  2. Hiya, The reason is that in the FS and all other utilities the ICAO is used and never IATA (as you can see in the image) Its not a big deal, but its nice to see the ICAO, cause the ICAO tells me the country and airport. IATA like UBJ, OKJ can't be found that easy, only if Google for it (or your mind has a huge IATA database stored;) ) But its generated by RT i guess ;)
  3. Hiya, Seasons greetings to start with 😉 Im using recently EFB2.0 what is really great in combination with RT. But in the labels i see IATA codes instead of ICAO. Is there a workaround to set this to ICAO? Regards Nico,
  4. Is it correct that this topic is'nt active anymore? Regards, Nico
  5. Hmmm, I made a new subscription @ realtraffic. Using realraffic i dont get this "jumping" aircrafts. If i close realtraffic and start ADS-B live, the aircrafts starts jumping again.
  6. Hiya, I see lately that the aircrafts jumping trough the airspace to the left and right. Also abnormal landings and taxiing. On FSC i see also the aircrafts make those twists. Regards, Nico
  7. Or use this, what is really cool in your sim http://laap.atc.free.fr/accueil-en.php Use it in your com1 or com2 And an addon frequency list on my server: Live ATC Frequencys
  8. I downloaded this But it says that the closest ICAO is DGTK, while im on ENGM. EDIT: Seems that RT stil injected the data...RESOLVED If i click on the config button, nothing is happening. Currious thow 😉
  9. Hiya, It seems that the comand "Set STD" is not working. In version 1 and 1.2 i ust set it by hand after the command (button) is given Trgerds, Nico
  10. Ok i got this: Main Button: ALTERNATE STATIC SOURCE (ON/OFF) (Recommended key: “C”) Secondary Button: PROPELLER SYNC (ON/OFF) (Recommended key: “V”) Now we start the engines: Left Engine is triggerd by C...engine is started. But how to get te right engine started?, not via V I saw that YELLOW messagses on the right side are indead triggerd by V. But now the White message as shown above "Start Right" are not triggerd by any key as far as i see Regards, Nico
  11. I boucht the UGCX lately as a good addon for FS2Crew But i must say that im a bit dissapointed. I give credits to the updates, but they are not as it should be. Tow trucks are not connecting to the aircraft..they just forward 2 meters. The top view makes no sense. 2 releases back it was a good addon. Sorry, but i stay at GSX
  12. Hiya, Im using UGC ..ahh im trying to use it Its working ok, thats no problem. But im using it without voice control. It would be great that if the ground crew ask: FOR EXAMPLE: You hear: Please relese parking brakes.. And i realese it... A sound wil triggerd: Parking breakes relesed (by captain) At this time its only a one way sound. Just my 2 cents
  13. Oh how great to notice that you are working on the QW787 And yes as a novice PMDG pilot, i must say thet QW787 is mind blowing!! And better Frame Rates
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