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  1. Hi guys, I recently tried to get my VRinsight equipment up and running again. Unfortunately the CDU II is not displaying (the screen) anything, not windows or FSX in the sim. The odd thing is, the VRsim program (that connects the hardware to the sim) shows the CDU II as a usable device and I tested the CDU II with the NGX and the buttons on the physical CDU hardware, interface fine and work with the FMC display in game, so I know that the keyboard/USB portion of the CDU II is still functioning. Whats left is the display is black, as in the monitor won't show any video. So I have tried a few things: I thought maybe the VGA cable was the issue, so I borrowed a friends VGA cable, no luck. I thought the graphics card was the issue, updated all the drivers, rolled back. no luck With my main monitor, I took out the DVI cable, and connected the main monitor (an HP) to my GPU with the same VGA cable. Monitor worked fine with the VGA cable, so the cable is good. Tried to connect the CDU VGA cable to the DVI input in my GPU (with the VGA-DVI converter) and no luck. The CDU's power cable: I have tested it with my VRinsight MCP, and the power cable provided power to the MCP panel. Power cable is fine. (the CDU and MCP cables have the same voltage) Also, the CDU II is recognized as an "analog" display. The computer recognizes the monitor, but for some reason no video shows on the physical CDU II screen. I had this working last year, and installed it the same way this time, and followed the VRinsight CDU II manual to the letter. No luck. I should add: This CDU worked 100% on my previous graphics card, my GTX 560, last year. I recently downgraded to a GT 730 (560 fried), so I am not sure how that would affect the video portion of it. Switched to windows 10 a few weeks ago. The CDU worked great on windows 7. Also not sure what affect that would have. All other PC hardware from last year to now = no change. My biggest fear is that the monitor/screen on the CDU II is somehow broken. Sorry for the long post, and thanks to anyone who can provide any input of some kind. I really do appreciate it. Kind Regards Chris Kennedy
  2. wow fast replies, thanks a bunch guys!!! Anyways, to be honest, i really have nothing on my PC except flight sim, so im willing to completely re install windows, and hopefully i can manage to wipe my hard drive, and get a fresh start. Ill also consider just ordering a new copy of FSX. If anyone has any other ideas be sure to post them , im open to all feedback and assistance. Thanks again, Chris Kennedy
  3. Hello everyone, i believe this is my first time posting on the forums here. Like i mentioned in the title, whenever i open FSX and select the NGX in the aircraft selection screen, it selects it, makes me hit "run" and "yes" to load it, then FSX crashes and a split second later, i get the blue screen of death. Its becoming very annoying and im very confused. A bit of history: i recently had a trojan, quarantined and removed it myself. Hoping it didnt cause any damage to my computer. Before the trojan my NGX and FSX worked perfectly. After i got rid of it, like nowadays, i still can play FSX, fly the LDS 767, even the PMDG 747x, and all my other payware addons. I dont have any freeware because i have had issues with them in the past, and the FSX i currently have that the NGX is crashing on, is new and clean without any old freeware files. I did do a clean re install of the NGX, even had to pay the 5 bucks for the re download, kinda sucked but my fault i guess. I HAVE NOT done a re install of FSX because i lost my box, and im not willing to order a new copy of the pilot shop unless you guys can tell me thats the problem I got myself the VRinsight CDU II and boeing MCP for christmas and im going nuts because the NGX is flipping out on me!!! Whatever assistance you guys can provide for me is very much appreciated! Sincerely, Chris Kennedy P.S if im making any mistakes in terms of posting rules and such, please let me know and i apologize in advance.
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