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  1. And can any settings affect “I have control/you have control”? Cause they definitely were before update and I don’t hear that now?
  2. It seems that responses for “I have control/you have control” disappeared in this version. Also any hints what to say if speech recognition messes flaps two and flaps full?
  3. Thanks I found it. Will give them a try another flight
  4. Thanks for you reply! Do we have a voice command to start APU now? Also is it possible to connect/disconnect GPU by voice command!
  5. Hello! Fs2Crew for FSL is a grate tool! I would like to ask for some options that are used by low cost operators. 1) ability for PM to start APU 10 minutes before departure 2) one pack on the ground 3) landing lights off in clean configuration Thank you!
  6. Hello Bryan! I've checked my call-out settings. I have both 1000 annd 500 feet calls ON. Also I've tried an approach without AS. All results were the same. And now I'm asking myself, whether I confused FS2Crew 777 with FS2Crew NGX reboot, which for much longer time. Now it seems to me that stabilization call-out depending on visibility is NGX Reboot feature, and in previous times i didn't fly such tight approaches on 777 where I wasn't stabilized at 1000 feet, but after NGX Reboot SOP 3 my habits have changed.
  7. Yep. I'l try it today and post here
  8. Hello! I see such a problem. During approach in vmc conditions FO says "One thousand not stabilized" in previous versions, fs2crew detected meteo conditions and used to judge about approach stability at 500. Using AS for p3d v4 last beta build.
  9. If you are going to get 7xxx family cpu get ready for issues with Windows 7 updates. Updates for win7 on CabbyLake are not supported. Also I tried to use win 7 with my new rig with 7600k and MSI Z 270 chipset MoBo I got multiple bugs with usb controllers drivers -plugging my saitek x52pro(and some other devices) caused immediate pc hung. After installing win10 - no issues at all.
  10. Meanwhile in another thread
  11. Got the same issue in FSX SE. If i install *.ptp file it doesn copy *.ini to PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft If i download tje livery via Livery downloader then everything is OK. But, if i copy the downloaded *.ptp from temp folder and try to install it via Livery Manager it is still NO CONFIG FILE. So it is not the livery issue, it seems to be defenetly OC issue. While there are now fix i'm looking for workarounds and have two questions 1) Is there a way to extract ini froom ptp manually? 2)What files should i delete if i want to have fully clean PMDG reinstall?
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