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  1. Thanks Kdfw_ for your great work and look forward to the release of the L1011 VC graphics update :smile:. BruceU
  2. Heads up...Aerosoft is releasing Mega Airport Fankfurt V2.0 for FS9 next week ! BruceU
  3. Ed...where can I sent you a private message... thanks BruceU
  4. Seems you have fallen for the 727 lately Like the way you slowed down the outside view on landing an amazing looking aircraft with everything hanging down...thanks as always. Ed! BruceU
  5. Seems FlightBeam has a sale on going...10 to 30 percent off plus... BruceU
  6. Looking good !! This plane keeps getting better and better thanks guys for all your hard work !! BruceU
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