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  1. really ?? is ccleaner that bad ???.. everywhere in forums is is recommended and i had never any problems with it .also not on allmy earlier installs of windows p3d or PMDG for that matter. so on my PC nothing gets corrupted .because if it were, that programs don't work anymore and will get message from registry to do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. 2e. the pmdg probl of no activation was BEFORE i even used it because i did a FULL REINSTALL win 10.
  2. hello thkx for you reply. in the mean time i have uninstalled all that had to do with pmdg from 😄 lockheim p3d/pmdg /simobjects/airplane , appdata roaming..., local /temp. delete all, run ccleaner. download a fresh installer from precision manual. run the installer and i did let it run, also the direct x part. after finishing directX, i get the operating center, but is always on top of the installer where i still have to click on finish. so i did that before i started working with the operating center. where was an notification about an pmdg update and thats what i did. now everything is updated. the center it self had not update so must be latest started p3d but still cannot activate ?? maybe permission whits i did not do yet but i remember with earlier installs there was no problem activating when i installed everything without permission adding. so realy don't get this, aldo i have not p3d v4.3 and had v4.2 . so maybe v4.3 is the problem ? tried it again after permissions but noticed something: when i got the can't activate error. an clicked oke, there was another message that the serial was incorrect . i copied and paste it so cannot be wrong ... oke, i just tried to send a ticked by prec manualsl but does not let me register. i have not yet needed an ticket and i understand that the prec forum has its own register name and psw. i use the same email i registered to purchase the 737 (all the way back in 2 okt 2015) but does not let me register ... ojee ojee, everything goes whrong....maybe somebody can shoot this devil of my shoulders....please.......
  3. same here. i just today reinstalled my win 10 64b built 1809. installed p3d v4.3. after that the 737 but also NOT let me activate, have set all permissions . run as admin. looked at the service flexnet and runs automatic.so no don't know anymore what else to do. something is missing now that is gone after formatting and reinstalling.. coud it be some frameworks or visual++, direct X.. ect..ect. ? i
  4. same here ! outer texure not visible but all gauge are there and working normaly ecsept the fuel leverler. keeps bouncing back to off
  5. yes i have, but is must mis read something because i found it !! on FMC simulatin page / A/T ....../ there was on the lowest first line on the right i saw IRS OPTIONS . and there it is. and when i hit realistic , the just become a bit bigger so must be set now. strange that i diddent notest this.. but thnks for your responce ...
  6. hi, i have same pronbldm . i looked in the FMC ..SIMULATOR page and the only thing i can find is the "POWERUPTIME" and is set to REALISTC and that's there is . but is this also about the IRS aligment ?
  7. Hi guys. .I tried to download this but the link is not working or the file is not available ??
  8. same here ..but if i hold it down then i only enable the transponder ..no TCAS PAGE . Found out when only higlighting on R4 and press EXP button , i only then get the TCAS/ATC page. but i cannot move L3 TCAS to TARA it ..stays on TA only ??
  9. year,, it was a stupit question.... found the update gamelist under a knob top left conrer ....and now its working oke
  10. oke, than how to update the game list. or is this a stupid question ?
  11. not long agoo i puchaged hiere 737 immenge or somehing like this and payd it whit paypal so the problem is not long ago. but anyway... i giong to buy ezdok
  12. and i wanted tp biu CHACEPLANE but only whit credit cards ????? so i can't buy it ..thats gonna costs custumers, for i have paypal for years now and had no problem what so ever . but it means that i can't buy it so what know ,, purchaging ezdok2
  13. THANKS GUYS !!! all is very clear now. i made the mistake to put i a WI005 waypoint where the runway is straight ahead, and comes after INN . so when i wanted a reference line to make the turn, it made it on the bearing from the already existing waypoint which had the bearing 275. so now i choose an other appr RW08 VFR, which have to made the appr manually and did the INN264/+6 and INN264/6 and BOTH WORKS !! now comes an other question in mind... what if i need to set a waipoint outside the flight plan ? should that not be "xxxxbearing/distance / xxxx " ? (only 1 waypoint between 2 others outside the flight plan) if i read correctly the manual that's should be an OFFSET bearing but don't remember right now so have read it again ... FUN ISN'T IT .. and you right SCANDINAVIAN 13, IT was not a bug. so wound say this again about any problem in the future. so thanks again guys !!!
  14. hi. I have a problem setting up a bearing/distance waipoint in the flight plan approach on LOWI airport. here is what i did: i hit on INN on legs page to copy it in scratchpad . than added 264/+6 so it looks like: INN264/+6, and putted it under the org INN waipoint and becomes INN01. BUT... the bearing is 275 on the legs page and shows also on the ND where it is almort in the path of the runway tried an other bearing like 200 but still keeps setting it on 275 beering ... is this a bug ?? or.... has somebody als this problem ? please help..
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