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  1. Does it mean that the Queen's Anti-Ice system actually works in P3D V3.4? Will I get the WAI and NAI green indications on the EICAS automatically when the airplane senses that FSX/P3D is adding ice? I'm asking because I've never seen it happen using the Auto anti-ice, unless I manually set it to on. Regards, Fabrizio Barbierato
  2. @pete_auau Thanks for the link, but that's not what's happening to me. My situation is different, but it turns out it really isn't a big deal after all. The hours files get updated. Works for me. Cheers, Fabrizio
  3. Amendment to my previous: the 747 IS updating the hours file some seconds before reporting the dll crash. It means that the crash on exit is indeed no big deal! Sorry if I came across as rude before. Thanks for your help Walter Meier. Regards, Fabrizio
  4. Well, it's not saving the hours flown, is it? That cuts down on the fun by quite a lot! I'll wait, but I still don't understand why it's happening now. It didn't do that! I still have the original exe of the very first version. I'll give it a go.
  5. I have a big problem. Due to P3D V3 becoming less and less stable, most likely due to FTX scenery, GSX or a combination of both, I reinstalled everything from the ground up. The thing is, that the 747 doesn't work anymore. Everytime I close P3D after a flight, I get a message saying the PMDG_747QOTSII_2.dll crashed. It does that also if I don't make a flight. Just loading the aircraft is enought to make it crash on exit. Suspecting it may have something to do with the hours files and the options cfg that I reused from the last installation, I removed them and tried to reinstall the 747 again. Still, I get the crash on exit. I have P3D V3.4.22, I'm running Win 7 64bit Ultimate, everything is updated. What's going on? It did not happen before!
  6. When I moved to P3D in last August I was having this issue. Stackhash crashes enroute, all solved after removing gsx. Reinstalling it and the addon manager altogether fixed it temporarily. I had the exact same situation with the 747 a couple of weeks ago, again removing GSX did the trick. I reinstalled it from scratch one more time a week later and the issue is gone for now. Basically I'm reinstalling it every 6 weeks or so due to this. I suspect there's something that gets corrupt, maybe with the coault live updates.
  7. I'd agree with you for things like the wonky animation of the heading reference switch or any cosmetic details, but this is a big one, and on systems, a thing that PMDG takes pride in modelling accurately. I hope they'll fix it soon :)
  8. I'm looking forward to the update that will fix this, but how could this go unnoticed in tech beta and even in the larger beta?
  9. I can also confirm that the view is still shaking with hyd sys 1 and 4 not pressurized. P3D and no ezdox/chaseplane for me.
  10. Nice to know, looking forward to the updates!
  11. I have the same issue and I'm not using anything external for my view. No chaseplane or Ezdok.
  12. I had this too. You must have changed it from ft to m. The problem is that the raas doesn't use either of them, but uses RU, runway units, or something like that instead. It should be at 5700 ru by default, and if it's in feet it works. But of you changed it to metres as I did, it will want a 5700m long runway now. Change that to 2000 or something like that and it will be ok.
  13. I also use that plugin and noticed the same thing. The reverse thrust fells too powerful, but I have nothing that says it shouldn't be like that. I have never tried using F2 so I don't know whether it happens only with the plugin or not. Please note that, when in reverse mode, the axis will max out at half of its actual travel. To say it in other words, the point where you have half forward thrust, is the point where you'll have full reverse thrust with that plugin. You can easily check that by looking at the throttles in the virtual cockpit. The reverse axis there will max out when the hardware axis is only halfway through. This is what I see on the NGX and the 747. I normally only use idle reverse, so it works fine. I'll try with F2 and see if it's also that powerful.
  14. IIRC, GSX loads the vehicles once you slow down below 35 kts groundspeed. Try and check if the sim slows down at that point.
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