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  1. Might have found the problem. I have Steve's DX10 scenery fixer installed. I was in DX9. I switched to DX10 and everything seems to be working as it should. It's always something. Thanks as always for your quick response. Justin
  2. Dear Jean-Luc, Well, it's happening again. Same problem. When I ask for the configuration menu, it comes up as all blocks, freezes, I get the spinning wheel of death, and then the program just quits...no options, no further dialog, it just quits and returns me to my desktop. Still running 376.33 (had to reinstall as Nvidia likes to self update, so it had gotten to 398.82) but even with the new install, a reboot, shutting down EZDok, the results are the same when I call for the add-on menu. Am I still the only one?
  3. I am in full agreement with you, Frank. The support on this issue has been outstanding. I'm sure it will get resolved. The frustration is that I am eager to get back to flying and using this terrific product, and moments spent in tracing down the problem (which probably is the result of a flight sim packed with add-ons and extras) take me out of the cockpit and into the land of ones and zeros.😉 Hoping to get back to this soon and resolve it.
  4. just uninstalled both 530 and 430, found updated versions and installed them as normal user. I have always run FSX as admin based on advice from other providers (box is checked in properties) but I can uncheck it and run as normal user. I will try to get to this in the morning and report back. Very frustrating. JF
  5. I will reinstall without specifying "Run as Administrator." Have not changed any Windows settings. No other program reacts in this way. This computer is used only for flight sim. No word processing, etc. Desktop resolution is normal for the monitor. I will check the video card nvidia driver settings, but they have been set as they are for over a year with no other conflicts. As I said, I do also have the F1 GTN installed, and that comes with its own version of the Garmin Trainer. Is it possible that there is a conflict between that installation and the more recent "Lite" trainer version? JF
  6. Thank you, Jean-Luc, for the quick response. Happens as soon as I select the RXP menu entry. Running windowed. Running as admin. Also did the installation as admin and made sure my Avast was turned off. Image is, I hope, included with this response. JF
  7. Just purchased and installed the 430 and 530 v2, but I am having real problems trying to use them. Installation seemed to go well, but once I start FSX:SE and try to access the rxp entry in the Add-ons menu, the program appears to attempt to run, but freezes in a weird format and crashes FSX. I have tried to attach a photo with no success but can send it to you if this is the first you've heard of this problem. I am running Window 10 Pro, 64-bit, the latest version of FSX:SE, on an i7 960 with 12 Gb of ram and the GeForce GTX970 Graphics card. I was using the F1 GNS set of gauges with no problems. Happy to send any files that might be useful. I had your legacy gauges and loved them. Sure would like to get these working. Thank you, Justin Friedland
  8. New version is a gem. Download it now, even if you downloaded it an hour ago (as I first did, and got the same brake problem.) Apparently, it took Simmarket a while to get it up. Make sure your file is 322mb and not 321. Be sure to turn off your anti-virus when downloading and installing. This new file does fix the brake problem. Thanks to the folks at Leonardo for the quick work. Justin
  9. Bingo. The .pln flie got sent to the DC-6 folder in the PMDG main folder. And yes, I am running version 1.20.8418. Thanks for the timely responses and the help.
  10. I checked that location with no joy. Any chance you could just send me the missing files?
  11. Kyle, I did run the updater after I reinstalled (I had to, as the OC demanded it, which is a good thing) but it did not install the DC-6 Tutorial.pln file anywhere. I should note that I am using FSX:Steam, not P3D. Is that the issue? I have version 1.20.8418.
  12. Kyle, I did run the updater after I reinstalled (I had to, as the OC demanded it, which is a good thing) but it did not install the DC-6 Tutorial.pln file anywhere. I should note that I am using FSX:Steam, not P3D. Is that the issue?
  13. Feel silly, but still do not see the anywhere in my files. It is possible that I am not looking in the right places, but I do not find them anywhere. I uninstalled the old version, downloaded a fresh copy, and then performed the update. Do they appear for others? Justin Friedland
  14. If you pm me an email address, I'll send you the file. Otherwise, it's seems too many lines of code to burden the forums with, and there is no way I can find to attach files in this forum.
  15. Robert- I actually wasn't looking to blame anyone for anything, only to understand what the problem was and fix it. As I own the NGX, the JS41, the original 747, and the 777, it should be clear that I like your products. Perhaps leak is the wrong word, but when I can watch the VAS diminish before my eyes, like water down a drain, even without changing a parameter, flipping a switch in the cockpit, or turning on a system, that was the word that came to mind. I don't think a snarky reply to a request for help is warranted here. I did post my specs vis-a-vis my computer. Here is every detail: Software: -Windows 10 Pro 64-bit -FSX:SE version 10.0.62615 - It is installed in the default Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common location. This works for every other aircraft I fly - PMDG, A2A, Majestic, Flight1, etc. -EZ Dok -Avilasoft EFB (runs on networked computer) -Flight Sim Commander (runs on networked computer) -Track IR -Active Sky 2016 -FTX Global with various regions -FTX Vector -vPilot when flying online Hardware -Intel Core i7 960 @3.20 GHz -GeForce STRIX GTX970 -12 GB RAM -2nd to last version of NVIDIA drivers (rolled back from latest version in response to a suggestion on this thread) -Saitek Cessna Yoke/Throttle quad/Rudder Pedals/Radio quadrant If I have left anything out, tell me what else you need to know. There is every possibility that this is somehow something I am missing or doing wrong. Not looking to assign blame, just want it to work and fly from point A to point B without the OOM. Thanks for your interest..
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