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  1. https://forums.x-plane.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=458117 Hi, I use all 3 logitech panels n(radio,switch and mulit) on USB2 and they work well-I also diasabled Enhanced Power management,and ensure that they are set to not allowed to turn off the device to save power.Attched is a simple file (not mine) to do the Enhanced Power management,Register first to download. Ashley
  2. Hi, What I think you may not have realised is that you need to download not only the panel driver but also a simple specific driver-it is on the site but not obvious if you are not looking-these is one listed for fs, p3d, xp, few some have 16bit and 64 bit versions depending on you pc Also if you want to program them as well you can use SPAD or using a registered FSUIPC with the hidswitch.lua from Pete Dowsons site. Best wishes Ashley
  3. No you need the xplane or p3d drivers as appropriate from logitech and follow the steps I've listed Ashley
  4. I have the switch,radio and multi panels working well in x-plane and Prepar3d (but I have noe uninstalled Prepar3d) and this works well for me-you need to make this change every time you move the panel to a different USB port Plug in to the USB 2 ports off the motherboard (not a hub) install the logitech drivers v8 from the Ligitech site in device manager disable 'allow pc to turn off device to save power' in registry goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB open the VID entry for each panel VID_06A3.......... click the sub key which refers the the USB port click the sub key Device parameters edit the value of enhancedpowermanagementenabled to 0 eg:Your details WILL be different HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\VID_06A3&PID_0762\6&27178c41&0&3\device paramenters\ enhancedpowermanagementenabled =0 Changes to your PC are at your own risk so backup first Hope this helps Ashley Sear
  5. Try this,it worked for me. AT YOUR OWN RISK SO BACKUP FIRST open regedit locate key hklm\system\currentcontrolset\enum\usb a) locate entries beginning vid_06a3 and open the key -these are saitek products b) open the key -ie: vid_06a3&pid_0d67 this will be differnnt on your system depending upon the individual saitek product (I have 5 entries one for each saitek product I have) c) open the sub key -ie:5&20eb1aa6&0&9 this will be differnnt on your system depending upon the individual usb port the saitek product is plugged into (where I have rearragnged where my saitek product are plugged into I have anything from 1-8 entries) d) open the sub key device parameters e) edit the value of enhancedpowermanagementenabled to 0 do steps a-e for all entries and subkeys under the saitek vid_06a3 list -there will be one entry of item (c) for each saitek product ever plugged into any usb port. It will not adversely affect products that don't need the change-I have applied it to everything under hklm\system\currentcontrolset\enum\usb you will need to reapply if you change the usb port the saitek product i plugged into and possibly if windows gets a major update AT YOUR OWN RISK SO BACKUP FIRST Ashley Sear
  6. Ray, You may remember me from RC4 & 5 testing days. It is an easy repair I have had to do many times on my X52 setup. As you have done start with light and a magnifier, then you can move the pins using a jewelers screwdriver-or if you have one the Pentel press button propelling pencil nose section without the lead. To test either use an old ps2/usb adapter or close inspection. The pins are acually toughr than they look,what happens is that if they are out of position one will bend out of line-normally {looking at the end) it is the last pin counting clockwise-ie about 10 o/clock. BTW I have moved and am now near EGNJ. best wishes Ashley Sear
  7. Hello HIddenance I have had this issue sporadically, It appears when RC4toXPlane plugin has not initialised properly -this could also be that XPlane was not run as administrator (sometimes a shortcut set to run as admin does not seam to work-this is a Windows problem) -It has also happened at odd times when RC4toXPlane is set to start automatically on XPlane start -It also happens if you failed to enable the plugin before starting RC4 Sometimes disabling the plugin from the plugin menu and then enabling it will solve the issue If not exit XPlane and restart seems to do the trick Good luck Ashley
  8. Dunix, No once installed and the key is entered its happy.What I did was create a dummy fsx.exe in rhe RC4x folder to stop the error message on install. I run RC4 on P3D and XP with no problems. Ashley
  9. CptCaptain Hi, I also am having this issue with an otherwise excellent addon. Have you managed to fix it? if so please tell me how.It appears to only affect a very few users Thanks a lot Ashley Sear
  10. Hi, If you have a registered FSUIPC-and it is so good no simmer should be without it-use the axis assignment and calibration of FSUIPC then disable controllers in P3D. I have no connection with FSUIPC or Pete Dowson,I'm just hightly impressed. Hope this helps Ashley Sear
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