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  1. delta737200

    CJ2 Framerate issues

    I cant find the option to execute the program
  2. Where is the download on that site?
  3. delta737200


    Hi, is this free? If so, where can I download it or buy it if it isnt free? looks great! thanks
  4. delta737200

    FSX Repair

    someone please help. I somehow lost a file in the fsx folder. I got the disk and put it in my computer to do a repair and now I get a message called 1607. Is there any other way that I can do a fsx repair?
  5. delta737200

    IRS Align problem

    Oh, I just forgot to turn on ground power. Thanks! I thought it was defective at first
  6. delta737200

    IRS Align problem

    Name: hunter fagan OK, thank you sir. Where could I find the manual?
  7. delta737200

    IRS Align problem

    This happens when I'm on the ground after I switch it to cold and dark from the fmc. Sometimes all of the screens go black besides the fmc for some reason. I even looked at tutorials to see if I was doing something wrong, but I'm not. Here is a clip of the problem that I'm having:
  8. Hi, I've been having a problem with the pmdg 737 and its been driving me crazy. It would be great if someone could help. I made a video of it:
  9. delta737200

    IRS Align problem

    Im also having an irs problem, but it is a different one. When I switch the knobs to nav, it says on dc and align at the same time. Then there is a beeping. Please help