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  1. You would be correct, Lynden Air Cargo flies C-130's out of Anchorage, AK.
  2. The only 737's with gravel kits were the 737-100's and 200's. They weren't developed for and don't work on 737's with high bypass fans.
  3. FDEdev posted the cfg values I was thinking of, thanks Bernt. If that didn't work Luca, I'm guessing you have other issues. Hate to state the obvious, reload the model, check control calibration, etc. You probably did that already. FWIW, I own every Carenado version of the PA-46 and none of them exhibit the the problem you describe. Good luck! -Bob
  4. There's an easy way to fix this in the aircraft.cfg file. I'm not on my FS computer right now to look it up, I'll post it later unless someone else gets to it first. -Bob
  5. I did it just for my own personal use, not for upload. I wouldn't have even considered that without contacting you first. Well, I borrowed the N number off of another Alabeo paint job. There's no way I could negotiate the mapping on that tail. I'm not nearly that talented.
  6. Hi Ron, I hope this isn't a breach of etiquette but I liked this paint so much I put a US registration on it. Cheers, Bob
  7. I check the forum regularly but rarely post. I'm sure there are many more like me. Please don't think your work goes unappreciated. I have most of your paints, they're fantastic!! Thanks for all you contribute. -Bob
  8. Saw this announced at FSElite. Good news indeed! 😀
  9. Looks like they have a Shorts 330 in the works.
  10. Bug list submitted to Alabeo. Probably wouldn't hurt for others to do so as well. -Bob
  11. To follow up on JCH's findings, I'm seeing the exact same visual problems with window animations and glass that JCH is seeing. From external view, moving the left window out causes the landing light lens to displace, the opposite window moves in and the glass in both window frames displaces and a separate piece of glass appears behind the wing strut. Similar but reverse oddities appear with the opposite window open. You are not nitpicking. This is a very simple plane with very few gauges. And half of them don't work or work incorrectly. Floating, misplaced glass and window frames JCH mentioned... Landing light lens displaced, both window frames moved to the right, glass displaced within window frames with a phantom piece of glass appearing behind the wing strut. Right window frame moved in wrong direction, window displaced and phantom piece of glass below right door. Same but opposite effects with right window open.
  12. LOL, I feel your pain. If I were to switch to P3D, I'd not only need P3D but a new gaming rig to run it on. It's not even a money issue, I'd buy the rig and buy all my favorite planes and scenery over again, at least the ones without dual installers. But the thought of the hours I'd have to spend setting up and tweaking a new sim turns me off. Some of you P3D gurus should hire out your services to set up new sims for people 🙂. -Bob
  13. Installed in FSX Initial impression after a few trips around the pattern. The usual beautiful Alabeo/Carenado modeling and textures. Handles nicely and seems to fly by the numbers according to the documentation provided. Glitches: Oil Pressure: Pegged off the high side of the gauge at all times off idle Oil Temperature: Runs very high even in cooler temperatures Cylinder Heat Temp: Runs cool, at the very bottom or below the green band "Carb Temperature Gauge": Stuck in the yellow band Ammeter: I don't believe it's working correctly, if at all and when the panel lights are turned on, the gauge pops out a few millimeters(???). With my limited knowledge I was able to fix the oil temp and CHT through the air file. No adjustments would bring the oil pressure down. I have no idea what value, if any, would adjust the "carb temp". -Bob
  14. New pics posted on their Facebook site. Looks like they've added a version with tundra tires. https://www.facebook.com/Alabeo
  15. Anyone have the opportunity to compare the FDE to real world performance charts? -Bob
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