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  1. Hi guys, Just throwing this in the pile... I would really like to have one or two (or all of them! jk) British Airways World Tail's liveries. There was one for the FSX 747 ...waves n cranes. and there was a FS9 Benyhone Tartan. It would be great to have them again on the latest version of the QOTS II I know they weren't that popular, Margaret wasn't a fan but I loved them and thought they were all beautiful. I like the Union Jack too! ;) Thanks, Dave
  2. dbhally

    P3D v4 Installation Fails

    Hi Chris, I was using Norton. It tripped me up because I run my sim on a dedicated pc and never run anti virus on it. I just did a fresh install of windows and a trial period was started. It's not like I've never heard of it happening either, just been a while. thanks again ;)
  3. dbhally

    P3D v4 Installation Fails

    You the man! That was it...so strange it would just delete it without any notification. anti virus.... PITA! ;) Thank you Chris, good day to you, salute!
  4. dbhally

    P3D v4 Installation Fails

    Hi guys, I was waiting, patiently :) but will admit to possibly jumping the gun. I noticed that ...or it looked like the 747 was ready for P3D v4 from the product page at PMDG...it now says v4 so I bought a licence for P3D and cannot install it.This was yesterday btw. I get an error message...something like "windows cannot install..." and then the .exe (install file) disappears from the unzipped folder... weird! I have never experienced anything quite like it. any insight is much appreciated but I have a feeling I just need to wait for an update. Thank you, too excited :) lol
  5. dbhally

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    777-200 and the 200ER is what I think I remember was a possibility they mentioned. I also think I remember hearing they would not be doing a 757/767 project otherwise I may have voted that way. I wish PMDG could do them all of course but who knows...the DC-6 was a huge surprise to me. Maybe they'll shake it up again...see you back here in 3+ years I'll be more than happy with the -8 expansion and the rest....but My ultimate PMDG dream plane, that I think is a semi long shot... (since Rob loves the 747) would be the 747-100. I would be most pleased. Dave
  6. dbhally

    P-8 Tacpack?

    Yeah, that would be fun but pretty hard to do for this plane...no fire control on the flight deck as far as I know. They would have to make a generic station(2d panel) for it, idk. There is another weapon add-on besides tacpack that might work. It would take a bit of doing but you could add cruise missiles/bombs/simulated sonar buoys etc. I'm sure. I want to try it.... just haven't got that far yet.
  7. dbhally

    Thanks for the US Navy P-8a Poseidon. :)

    Yes!!! Thank you...what a great surprise!
  8. dbhally

    NGX SP2: what features would like to see?

    The P-8 (as mentioned^) along w/raked wingtips is a dream of mine too...if not in the service pack in an expansion I hope. Really looking forward to the NGX SP (when I saw the poseidon mentioned I had to join in.)
  9. dbhally

    Regional Jets

    I was just thinking about this and since it was mentioned... the G650 (I just had the thought for the first time a few minutes ago and I'm sure it's probably been talked about here before)...Gulfsteam aircraft! A HD...PMDG caliber gulfsteam would be absolutely amazing! I know there are issues with them sending cease and desist letters to third party FSX "developers"(I've heard about this happening to people on the free sites) But a company like PMDG could maybe get a license? The next 777 service pack, 747 2.0, DC-6...it might be 2016 or 17...It might be Prepar3d etc but they(PMDG) will continue to make Flight Sim addons. Couldn't imagine them not but no matter what the future holds I'm sure it's going to be awesome at PMDG. Respectfully, David Hallyburton PS...my next choice would be the Learjet 25