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  1. Hi guys, Just throwing this in the pile... I would really like to have one or two (or all of them! jk) British Airways World Tail's liveries. There was one for the FSX 747 ...waves n cranes. and there was a FS9 Benyhone Tartan. It would be great to have them again on the latest version of the QOTS II I know they weren't that popular, Margaret wasn't a fan but I loved them and thought they were all beautiful. I like the Union Jack too! ;) Thanks, Dave
  2. Hi Chris, I was using Norton. It tripped me up because I run my sim on a dedicated pc and never run anti virus on it. I just did a fresh install of windows and a trial period was started. It's not like I've never heard of it happening either, just been a while. thanks again ;)
  3. You the man! That was it...so strange it would just delete it without any notification. anti virus.... PITA! ;) Thank you Chris, good day to you, salute!
  4. Hi guys, I was waiting, patiently :) but will admit to possibly jumping the gun. I noticed that ...or it looked like the 747 was ready for P3D v4 from the product page at PMDG...it now says v4 so I bought a licence for P3D and cannot install it.This was yesterday btw. I get an error message...something like "windows cannot install..." and then the .exe (install file) disappears from the unzipped folder... weird! I have never experienced anything quite like it. any insight is much appreciated but I have a feeling I just need to wait for an update. Thank you, too excited :) lol
  5. 777-200 and the 200ER is what I think I remember was a possibility they mentioned. I also think I remember hearing they would not be doing a 757/767 project otherwise I may have voted that way. I wish PMDG could do them all of course but who knows...the DC-6 was a huge surprise to me. Maybe they'll shake it up again...see you back here in 3+ years I'll be more than happy with the -8 expansion and the rest....but My ultimate PMDG dream plane, that I think is a semi long shot... (since Rob loves the 747) would be the 747-100. I would be most pleased. Dave
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