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  1. bobnv

    P3d V4 & voice attack

    Good tip Dave, thank you, problem solved. I did a OS reinstall, I always forget about the admin thing.
  2. Been using voice attack prior to P3d v4, with no problems. Somewhere between V4-V4.2, it no longer works. Voice attack is doing what it should with the proper key stroke commands, but in the game, no joy. I also so use Voice attack in DCS, with no problem. Something changed, I think beginning with V4, & I can't put my finger on it. I know some of you use Voice attack without any issues. Any help appreciated.
  3. bobnv

    P3D with VoiceAttack

    I think your on to it Jorge, started V4.1 maybe...gets confusing for me. Thanks for your feedback guys.
  4. bobnv

    P3D with VoiceAttack

    Because I fly VR, I use VA for some things. I had it setup for P3D V4, & DCS. For some reason it's not working with P3D anymore. VA itself is working like it should, & no problem with DCS. The commands just don't get to P3D. Anyone else with a similar problem for P3D ? Thanks,
  5. Yes, thank you tamsini. I guess Flight1's full download is update included. Doesn't seem to be a rush for the update, think I'll wait for a few days. Thanks for clearing that up sir.
  6. I bought mine from Flight1, but the only update seems to be from Aerosoft. I went to Aerosoft, & if I understood correctly I have to update from Flight1, but all I see there is the full download. So I'm confused now. Can anyone who got it from Flight1 sort it out for me? Thanks,
  7. bobnv

    How to revert back to 4.1

    Got it, didn't see the little plus at the bottom.
  8. bobnv

    How to revert back to 4.1

    Thanks, but I only see 4.2 there.
  9. Having controller problems that I can't fix since 4.2. Want to try revert back, but can't find 4.1. Revert back just client ?
  10. Has flight one ever get this plane updated for P3D V4 ?
  11. Don't know if this is any help, cus I don't have P3D installed at the moment. I'm 4.9 OC, with corsair H110-I radiator cpu cooler. I did a stress cpu multi thread (8) with cpuz. Never got over 74 degrees. I ran DCS over heavy scenery in Vegas, got up to 64 degrees. At rest 30 dgrees. I'm not much of a computer guy, so I hope this helps.
  12. bobnv

    P3Dv4 Aircraft Texture / Resolution Loss

    Check options/display/texture resolution. I set mine at med, but keeps going to low next time I fly.
  13. Hi, I have Warthog HOTAS, CH Eclipse Yoke, CH quadrant, + CH pedals. If I think I need to calibrate I do that within CH software. I also have paid fsuipc for setting up controls. I have no problems with my controllers. I also fly PMDG ngx 737 mostly, in VR, with "FlyInside". I do have voice for a few things with "VoiceAttack" I never thought of it till just now. You may be able to set up reverse thrust with the warthog throttle using the off position. Try in fsuipc buttons/switches. This link may help
  14. bobnv

    US Cities X

    I would also be interested how to get a US Cities X scenery for V4 installed.