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  1. I'll try to help as much as I can. I thought maybe the connector fed the information into LNM, and up until now the datafield was filled with the player-ICAO as a placeholder. Then it would be quuite simple, I assume, as you already pull the positional data. Cheers, Chris
  2. No Problem. Is the change needed in LNM, in the connector, or in both of them?
  3. Hi, sorry, maybe I'm too stupid... I use the slippy maps from openflightmaps in AviTab. I'd like to use them in LittleNavMap, too. But this whole DGML stuff seems complicated. Has anybody done this and can help me?
  4. Hi, since X-Plane now publishes the ICAO-Type of the other planes in sim/cockpit2/tcas/targets/icao_type will littlenavmap use this information and display it on the map instead of using the user's ICAO-Type?
  5. Hi, whenever I try to assign an FSUIPC Macro to a button, I get the following error end an emptly list: The path is correct and does exist... I'm at a loss I'm running FSX, Linda 2.6.4, FSUIPC 4948, Linda Summary is ok but for the VRInsight. I don't have one and have deleted the lines in the FSUIPC.ini What am I doing wrong? Cheers, Chris
  6. Hello Antonio, no need to apologize, maybe I was a little bit too brusk or sarcastic.
  7. I'll try to be polite... Did you by any chance happen to read the say 3 posts before yours? To be even more polite: Yes, it is down, relevant people are informed and are working on it, and 1.3 is the last version.
  8. Same problem here, additionally, trying just the folder modules" sends me to an adult website...
  9. Hi, I tried this and I think it only moves the levers without actually changing the RPM. I found a workaround by setting the axis value to fixed values and assigning them in the MJC Control Panel. By the way, in the Q400 lua-file, there is a function _tl("variable" , "value"), usually in toggle functions. where is this defined?
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