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  1. I'm not allowed to open those images. Error 403.
  2. http://img.playground.ru/images/3/1/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_13.07.06.61.png http://img.playground.ru/images/5/5/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_13.07.09.71.png http://img.playground.ru/images/1/5/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_13.11.33.61.png http://img.playground.ru/images/9/8/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_13.24.33.78.png http://img.playground.ru/images/9/3/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_13.24.53.21.png http://img.playground.ru/images/1/2/Desktop_Screenshot_2020.07.13_-_22.57.05.45.png http://img.playground.ru/images/8/2/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_22.23.32.68.png http://img.playground.ru/images/0/4/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_23.40.43.76.png http://img.playground.ru/images/3/8/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_23.48.07.56.png http://img.playground.ru/images/9/2/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_23.57.58.65.png http://img.playground.ru/images/9/4/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_03.23.26.07.png http://img.playground.ru/images/5/6/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_03.34.54.07.png http://img.playground.ru/images/3/2/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_03.35.54.22.png http://img.playground.ru/images/3/1/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_03.36.11.13.png http://img.playground.ru/images/4/6/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_03.36.30.68.png http://img.playground.ru/images/1/7/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.12_-_11.56.20.63.png http://img.playground.ru/images/6/2/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_20.33.37.03.png http://img.playground.ru/images/2/1/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Screenshot_2020.07.11_-_20.33.24.97.png
  3. Nice to see something from higher altitude. Still no contrails though.
  4. Some scenic flying around New York. https://gofile.io/d/77l4em
  5. I have a similar problem after the latest updates. EICAS shows SATVOICE AVAIL and GNX PROX SYS in white. Also the yellow master caution won't reset.
  6. So there's no way to keep all AI labels, but get rid of my own aircraft's label?
  7. In my case they undock, drive away and the option in the FMC goes back to "request". Unfortunately a second vehicle model, tail stand or whatever still remains docked like a ghost version.
  8. Hello, one more question from me. I'm using lots of AI planes with labels that show me aircraft type, etc. I noticed that the queen also has a label saying "PMDG_744V2_ENV". Is there a way to turn that off without turning off those labels completely? Thanks Jan
  9. Hello, I'm just preparing my first flight in this beauty, but somehow the ground power and air start unit won't disconnect. Both day 'DISCONNECTING' for several minutes, but nothing is happening. Am I missing something or is there a way to reset all ground connections immediately? Thanks Jan
  10. The 777 version just shows a context menu on right click, but in the NGX version I'm able to jump to different points. :smile:
  11. Hi everyone, I'm using FS2CREW for both the NGX and the 777 button control versions. I'm wondering if there is a way to jump to a specific state of the FO actions. For example if I load a saved flight just before approach, I have to click the arrow down until I'm at the approach checklist, which is a bit annoying. Thanks Jan
  12. Thank you. Too bad only the FOs are updated. In terms of immersion it would be great if there were complete new sets of voices including captain and cabin crew. But thank you for the addon.
  13. So you installed the v2.0 update and the addon after that?
  14. Will the captains voices be updated too? With this addon you hear the american captain and the new accented FO, if you're using the button control version, correct?
  15. Hello, I just noticed that after installing the SP1 and the 300ER expansion, the plane doesn't react to braking input. I'm using the Saitek Pro Flight Pedals and I see the red FS "differential brakes" notice when applying brakes. I checked the FSX sensitivity and null zones as well as the FSUIPC settings. Everything looks good. The plane just doesn't do anything, so I ended up in the terminal building on my first flight. Edit: It doesn't even slow down when applying the parking brake. Cheers Jan
  16. I found a mistake in the Cathay Asia's world city livery. The Hong Kong logo next to door 1R is wrong.
  17. The blurry textures should only appear if your system isn't able to reload mesh and textures in time. If you cruise along with 16x acceleration, you will get blurred textures, but it should turn back to normal if you turn off acceleration and give your hard drive time to catch up.
  18. It was between two flights. I entered the amount of fuel for the next sector in the CDU (FS ACTIONS -> FUEL -> TOTAL KGS). Didn't use PMDG ground operations.
  19. Hi, during the engine start I get an insufficient fuel warning on the CDU and there is difference between the totalizer and the calculated fuel numbers. Some minutes later there is a fuel disagree warning and the option to use the totalizer numbers on the progress page. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you. Jan
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