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  1. First of all people are trying to nail me on this point i thinks MSFS 2020 looks like FS2004 or FSX NO thats not my point. Im referring to the to development style a few good planes and then this outward support from a third party input. I'm well aware of the development teams plight dealing with the pandemic 2020 wasn't kind nor is 2021. Negativity is not my M/O it's mere feedback as to providing proof I have always found this site tedious with links and uploading of picture. If you'll want to see a far better representation search Phoenix Pro Simulation on Facebook and see my point. What there isn't bad but but can better if your taste is full fledge Study level that's all you wait multiple years for the product you want.
  2. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 why I bothered.
  3. Im going to ask in vain here, Im wonder if Asobo care to read this simple request from a casual consumer. the current A320neo looks very lacking but from my time interacting with this visual eyesore im wondering if this FS2004 FSX all over again. Im well awear of who this product is comsumed by but get out the clouds and task a dedicated Aircarft team to replicate more visally update model of this plane and her sister variants with the second engine type of what it all about(NEO but comes with one engine type are you serious).
  4. yeah that is really true just need a more modern level A.i. Package then the one im using and again IM VERY LAZY tired of tweaking FS2004 FSX it too time consuming.
  5. As the title infers im in need of a new 2019 to 2021 A.I package ( YES IM LAZY) the current option I have being using is world of A>i but it seem they are putting out newer package updates.
  6. SSPERSEJetsFS9.zip (dropbox.com) No Im not the developer of these just spreading the word. NO FSX NO P3D FS only
  7. Do anybody have the Coat of arms tail art use by Cayman Airways.
  8. So one here interested in this project, it would be nice if someone would do me the favor.😞🙏
  9. the is a big request if some one can pull it you will be legendary in my eyes so the MAX 7 8 9 and 10.😞🙏 the MAX 8 and 7 are tricky cause there are two models the MAX 8 so too the MAX 7. Thanks In Advance. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Cayman-Airways/Boeing-737-8-MAX/5946733/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStRsRXHSnHkAXXiAkHy22nSEJ6FB6d%2BPg7vEevJWkLIFP3FsFDeRgkyftqLLx7DSs9EJ7F9NkunCbecnqxeLc0igHTiKoAf37qynsl%2BDSR48c7xNgt850OKbX0evE/YHgcaJt%2BwJazC70 https://www.airliners.net/photo/Cayman-Airways/Boeing-737-8-MAX/5435665/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStRsRXHSnHkAXXiAkHy22nSEJ6FB6d%2BPg7vEevJWkLIFP3FsFDeRgkyftqLLx7DSs9EJ7F9NkunCbecnqxeLc0igHTiKoAf37qynsl%2BDSR48c7xNgt850OKbX0evE/YHgcaJt%2BwJazC70
  10. Is there any plans to update the current A320neo with the PW1000 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 much less the A321NEO and A319NEO.
  11. excuse me did i wrote that my position is just A Minority Point of view, not to give this notion of this isnt a game blah blah blah. How is Microsot going to sell this game to how many more can they reach when the eliminate the Barrier of entry. Yes you want Study Level but I dare say that consumer market is very small vs selling it a market will to pick it up and scale up as evolve the product to meet a need. Who have 100 plus dollar a month just spend on external tool to make repaints of aircraft and like the tedious means of pain staking twerking it into one sim experience. Yes your expectation of simming is different then mines Im not saying exclude one over the other but scale the the product to mean a broader audience.
  12. let me put it this way I get im in the minority here, Im looking for a game not some complex tool to float my ego as check some list but beside that her we go. Clean simple fun yes it can be scale iin many way to meet the demand of who ever im excluding the majority that make up this market one who has a fancy in depth and complex. A long day driving a bus should mired with a hobby which suppose immerse me into flying but I said Im excluding no one just make scale able to product that trying to sell( I dont want to hear anything about Microsoft Flight filing the community). thank you Built in tool such as A.l management one click no fuss and ergonomic, a highly use paint tool to create what ever level of repaint liveries the user can create no reliance on external complicate utilities. In all i more competent optimization internal the team and less hands off approach like former flight sim development team, again not excluding other want an need i feel this not brought up enough. I look for one click simple and fun not what ever float boat no pun intended.😎🤘
  13. I have both FS9 And FSX acceleration installed Im find FS9 easy to utilizes simple and clean look any video going into the new sim show the negative barrier of entry. Yes I should LEARN so on so on but i dont look to this product as a tool only mean immersion the lack open consumer nature kills it for me with P3D and xplane is a bit bland in its presentation. In dont do this study level fixation that is push into these product but im not going into a long winded rant. FS9 is stable but its long show it age hope Microsoft rain in The New Sim development and create a salable gaming product.
  14. there are many things I would to see but I would like flight footage from areas lie key west and the Bahamas.
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