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  1. Hello I just bought ASN to go with the PMDG 777. Is there a way I can look up my destinations ICAO identifier and have a metar for that airport appear on the screen? It would make flying even more realistic than getting the atis from radar contact 50 miles out. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you. J Keeran
  2. I just installed some kind of update via the OC, that might be the fix we are waiting for.
  3. Im off to fly now I know what is causing VC freezing condition #2!!! Thanks Robert and team!!!!
  4. At this point too early to tell. This was only my second flight with her. Although if I was experiencing the problem right off the bat on my very first flight that js not too good a sign. I will tow her back to the hangar as well. I HATE sitting in the F/O seat. Just feels so weird and backwards.
  5. I was told they are planning to release a fix for this issue this afternoon. Just remember that SP1 was created and tested on a select group of machines owned by PMDG and the respective beta testers, and since that pool of machines was so small, the bug that you and I both are experiencing did not appear until after RTM. They were only aware of it AFTER release, since no one in the beta group experienced it before release. That gives you an idea of how much computers differ from each other. Believe me, you are not the only one with a sidelined Triple 7 right now. It has been experienced by many, many people.
  6. This is actually not the same issue being experienced by the person who started this topic. Go to this link: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/446958-19jul14-sp1-feedback-items-we-are-monitoring/ You are having issue #1: what RSR calls to "pause issue". The user who created this topic is having issue #2, or what RSR calls the "freezing issue".
  7. This is being experienced by a great deal of people, including myself. PMDG is definitely aware of it if you read the post by RSR in the "General Forum". Just be patient. I am quite confident they will be releasing a patch for us all very soon. You should still send them a ticket. They want to know everything about your system specs as well as the route and state of flight you were in when the incident occured.
  8. I have a question. I am planning a cross the pond in my new gorgeous CPA 777-300ER, but in Simbrief I am unsure of the current ETOPS rating for the 77W. I was reading last night about a 330 min ETOPS rating for the 777 GE engines but in SIMBRIEF it says 180 minutes. I just want to make sure I am planning this flight as realistically as I can because that is what I always strive to do in FSX. Any help/input is welcome from anyone. Thanks. Jimmy
  9. This is has been quite literally one of the longest days of my life.
  10. EK247/248 OMDB-SBGL-SAEZ-SBGL-OMDB marathon!
  11. I have a question about datalink. Say I have ASN and I want to recieve a metar on the fmc with the wind clouds visibility and so on for my destination airport which is currently 250-200 nm away. Is this feature possible in one of the 3 datalink weather categories (wind, descent, or altn wx)? Jimmy Keeran
  12. I dont think that rules out a release in the coming hours, all I think he was saying is that they wouldnt post a product in the shop for purchase without announcing it officially. Jimmy Keeran
  13. Oh not to worry! I only sim when I am not at parties, with my girlfriend, at football camp, or taking flying lessons. Only a few hrs away from my ppl!
  14. I really count my blessings I am still in high school and have pretty much the whole summer to enjoy this thing when it comes out. I feel bad for those who are working in the real world and have to struggle to find time to try the SP1/300ER expansion when it is finally released. Jim Keeran
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