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  1. Hi, first of all, thanks for great utility. Im running P3D 4.1 an Im getting this strange error: The textures are getting black on and off. think its related to Object lighting tweak. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Fiideell

    FlightFX P3D v 3.3

    Hi, anyone got working FlightFX in P3D v 3.3? Im getting d3d11.dll error when starting the sim. When the files from FlightFX are deleted it runs ok. Thank you
  3. Fiideell

    ai_player.dll error crashing P3D

    Well, I did change my FSUIPC 4.939n to i and it looks promising, so far no crash
  4. Hello guys, Im having strange error with my P3D. In fact I ve completed only one flight so far without error. While flying PMDG on IVAO network, randomly I get a popup window saying P3D stopped working and program will be closed. Looking to the event viewer I could see the error was pointing to ai_player.dll in root P3D folder. I have traffic sliders set to zero and latest FSUIPC. Read different forums for any possible solution, but no luck. If anyone could help me with this it would be highly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Fiideell

    MSVCR100.dll error on startup

    Installed runtime libraries and directx and its ok
  6. Fiideell

    FSX wont pause

    Solved, it was caused by 3rd party utility that we were developing
  7. Hello, Ive been having a strange issue with my NVIDIA inspector. I did reinstall of my PC started using W10. Installed NVIDIA drivers as usually and then NVIDIA inspector also. But there it is I have very strange names in NVIDIA inspector and I dont know why. I was used to have "normal" names :-D This is quite complicated for me to read Thank for any ideas Im running W10, latest NVIDIA drivers and GTX770.
  8. Hi all, so after long time with FSX I decided to switch to P3D. Installation was fine, but whe I want to start the sim I get popup window saying: The program cant start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Also get MSVCP100.dll with the same. Any ideas? I have fresh Win10 install. Thank you EDIT: installed runtime libraries and directx and its ok
  9. Fiideell

    Flightcontrols problem

    Yea, that was it :-D I was just trying with ground powered aircraft after FSX reinstall. Thanks!
  10. Fiideell

    Flightcontrols problem

    Hey, I have a problem with the PMDG 737NGX. When I was completing my flight controls test the yoke wouldn't move all the way to the right, left, up or down. I have tried the repair section on the installation wizard but no luck. I have also tested other aircraft and they didn't have this problem. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me. Thanks! PS-The yoke only moves about 10 degrees.
  11. Fiideell

    FSX wont pause

    I tried, but still no pause :(
  12. Fiideell

    FSX wont pause

    Hello, I have strange problem my FSX wont pause when pressing "P". I just pauses for not even a sec and wokrks normally then. Any solution to this? Thanks
  13. Fiideell

    EZDOK camera issue

    This is the video of the problem :(
  14. Hello, Im having a little issue with my EZDOK camera and I dont know why. Suddenly my hot keys seem not working properly. Lets say I have a VC samera and a shortcut key. It switches views ok as long as IM in VC. But when Im looking at the plane from spot view and then press my hotkey, it doesnt bring me back to saved VC view. It was working before and now it doesnt :( Dunno why Any ideas?