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  1. Not sure if you installed the new objectflow.dll from Orbx but I had a similar issue and I heard it could be related. I copy and pasted below the method I used when the scenario screen did not load. "If you can't even get to the scenario screen when the ObjectFlow dll is active, you can try this:" Go into the Windows registry (run regedit.exe) and look in path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers\ If there is a key for "Prepar3D.exe" in there with a value of "$ IgnoreFreelibrary<Orbx_ObjectFlow_x64.dll>" delete that key. Then P3D should start again with OF enabled.
  2. rydah

    All black (yet again)

    Checked this yet?http://www.edtruthan.com/tileproxy/tutorial/blacktiles.htm might be helpful. Have you tried getting Tileproxy to work in any modern flight sim? I'm using Tileproxy without issue in p3dv4. All you need to do is make a copy of prepar3d.exe and rename it to fsx.exe then go to properties and set compatibility settings to windows 8. works well. I have also found a way to get correctly placed autogen in Tileproxy or any photoscenery using openstreetmap data and converting to autogen using a program called Scenproc. Off topic but it's a cool thing.
  3. rydah


    I got it working myself. You essentially install it like you would in fsx but select the P3D directory. When running it you may need to rename to fsx. Check over in the avsim tile proxy forums for further instructions.
  4. I got tile proxy to work via the reg edit method above in Windows 10. Granted I'm using p3d but this should work with the steam edition too. I would re-run dseo driver signing after you disable uac via the registry and ensure tileproxy.sys is correctly setup.
  5. rydah


    I would put system into test mode permanently using dseo1b tool and then sign tileproxy.sys driver. That way you don't have to do the f8 method and driver will be signed. You can google how to use the tool for tileproxy.
  6. I got mine to work in Windows 10 the same methodology as windows 8. Follow the link that JohnG posted above and disable uac via the regedit method a few post down. Works good. Regards
  7. Sounds like a unsigned driver error. Try to sign the driver with these instructions using dseo16b.exe http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?213081-TileProxy-amp-Win7x64-without-F8-boot!
  8. rydah

    Tileproxy R

    Essentially all I did is 1. run tp installer using Estonia migration tool into p3d 2.5 root directory. 2. Disable migration tool so you have only p3d.exe in root folder and not both p3d and fsx. 3. Copy p3d.exe to desktop and rename it fsx.exe, I do this as even though Estonia makes a fsx.exe for you the program id isn't compatible with version 2.5. 4. Paste created fsx.exe you created back into root directory and run fsx.exe after executing tile proxy program.
  9. rydah

    Tileproxy R

    Sure, ever since tile proxy came out I've been trying to reconcile this. The autogen is converted from osm buildings,trees and object data. You first need to download a tool called scenproc from http://www.scenerydesign.org/scenproc/ designed by Arno. The next thing is to download the osm data usually in a .shp file, you can do a Google search or I usually download from the geofrabrik.de website. After you convert the osm data to agn files they should be correctly placed via geo coordinates and you can find the correct texture folder in the tileproxy world folder to put it in using a tile finding tool and bam you'll have 1000s of autogen. Keep in mind that many regions in the world still have no data but Some places have entire cities.
  10. rydah

    Tileproxy R

    The speed is night and day imo. I upgraded to p3d 2.5 and with the new tile proxy and my ssd I can fly at 300 kts at 5000-8000 feet and have good texture loads. I also found a way to have some nice correctly placed autogen in many places which is another reason I'm using tile proxy more.
  11. rydah

    Tileproxy R

    It works well in P3D with using either the Estonia migration tool or copying Prepar3d.exe and renaming it to fsx.exe so we have both fsx.exe and prepar3d.exe in the base directory. My question to the developer of Tileproxy R when you edited the source code did you notice a simple way of just compiling a p3d version so we can bypass this process? Now that pmdg released the 777 for P3D they blocked symbiotic links and it does not work with Estonia anymore at which point we simply can not fly the pmdg 777 in p3d with tileproxy.
  12. rydah

    Using Google Maps

    Hey Everyone. Can anyone confirm if this still works and with success? Can someone please throw up the modified Libnettile.dll if possible as the link is now inactive. Thanks