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  1. Galskiman

    Strange iusse with approach briefing

    Yes Sir. Latest Airbus, hotfix and latest fs2crew version.
  2. Hello guys , I have an strange iusse with the approach briefing. The MCDU shows Flaps Full for landing configuration. The briefing shows also "Flaps : Full" But the PF reads : " and for the flaps we will use config 3" and the PNF activates also the "Flaps 3" button at the overhead panel. I hope somebody can help me :mellow: cheers Galskiman
  3. Galskiman

    MD-11F Cargo door positions for GSX Don't forget to delete all your custom gsx aircraft files. It works everything out of the box now.
  4. Galskiman

    Seat Layout Air Austral

    Ok, you don't get the point. So let me ask you: Why you turn you passenger sings on, before take off ? Its stupid, because there are no passengers. in the cabin. Why turn the taxi lights on ? You can taxi without them, no problem. Why you start you flight at the gate and not at the runway ? Why not starting the engines simlpy with ctrl+e ? The important thing is, that they are running, right ? Why than putting so much work on that little things ? Because we are simmers. So the point is we are doing a simulation and the aim of a simulation is to do it as real as it gets. This is the reason why we buy PMDG and not the other well known competitor for example. You can fly with these aircrafts also from point A to point B. And if you fly online on vatsim or ivao, why you can put the amount of pax at the flight plan? Its basically nonsens.I tell you because we are simmers. cheers galskiman
  5. Galskiman

    Seat Layout Air Austral

    Basically, you're right Kyle. But would it then be not more rigorously to represent only the ZFW, as something else that is not true ? And the discussion what to "need" or not would be a never ending story . Do we need different clique sound on every button ? No, but nice to have. :wub: And just such details differs PMDG from all other. I was just amazed. Since I am of the opinion that PMDG represents the most realistically simulation out there.And the cabin layout is as a technical characteristic of the aircraft as the left passenger sign configuration....and just as important? :rolleyes: But however , thank you for your information Kyle.
  6. Galskiman

    Seat Layout Air Austral

    Hi guys, I noticed that the seat configuration is not correct at the Air Austral 777-200LR I read : 14 seat first class 48 seats business 172 seats economy but it should be : 14 first /32 business /316 econ is there a way to adjust it ? cherrs galskiman