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  1. Im curious to know if the new PBR models will require existing Livery's to be updated, say for a VA as an example. Or is it not necessary and they can be used still just without the PBR effects?
  2. was it this post? Did you do the whole procedure in post number 7?
  3. Jim Thank you for sharing this upgrade .cfg file. Finally got round to testing it out and it feels so much better, its not over powering, just enough I feel. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the info, that doesnt sound to clever if you ask me
  5. i would like to know this also,
  6. Friends, im looking for a little advice please. Im trying my hand at repainting so i can hopefully help out with some repaints for the VA i belong to. Ive not repainted before and im not amazing with paint shop pro either but im enjoying the learning curve. The problem im having which may be related to both things im going to say, firstly, what layer and position do you do your own painting, text, tail detail etc? The reason im asking is because when i apply the shadow layer, it makes the colours ive applied for the rear of the aircraft a really funny colour. It turns the white area how it should look i think but completely mutes the blue and red down. happy to supply screen shots if needed. Thanks in advance. Jay.
  7. If you watch the video from Matt Davies you will notice he installs the seperate components from the full package that he was sent by Lockheed Martin which he clearly states, therefor he has all the cont.cab files required to do the installs as he shows. He doesn’t download just a couple of the installers from the Lockheed Martin website, he does it all from the full package. ive posted this just in case anybody else stumbles across this thread looking for info.
  8. Just to add to this, once i had the same problem with default ATC effecting aircraft sounds in the same way. In a nutshell my default sound chip and drivers wasnt good enough to play/produce all the sounds at the same time so something had to give. On "my" system the only way i could cure it was to install an independent sound card.
  9. Ill second that its confusion with the 777, its always done it in that, never in 747.
  10. Are you saying by paying the higher price now that for future updates there will not be a charge?, unlike people paying twice and more because a new version was needed for P3Dv4?
  11. Hi guys, I'm totally new to this model but one thing is bothering me, i cant seem to select the normal procedure checklists. I use the relevant knobs on the G1000 to highlight normal procedures checklists but no matter what i press, especially "ent" it always seems to go to emergency procedures. Am i doing anything wrong before that, can anybody give me some steps please.
  12. They must of locked it out completely as PMDG were waiting for the updated files for the locked versions that come with the 747 and 777. I believe the full version which the OP has purchased is supposed to work with any aircraft in P3D v4 now its been updated.
  13. Tomas, do you update your AIRAC cycle yourself by using navigraph or navdatapro? another user had a very similar issue and it was fixed by re-installing the latest AIRAC cycle? The 747does indeed ship with 1702 have you done anything regarding AIRAC cycles since you have installed the 747?
  14. Normal Cecklists? in the QRH, They are on page 29 of the PDF immediately after the index pages. Hope they are the ones your looking for.
  15. Myself personally it was P3D, AS16 and ASN, and the VA SkyTrack was running in the background. I was about 8 hours into an 11 hour flight when it started to get dark so i switched on all the relevant panel lights. Looked down and noticed my left FMC had what id say different colour lighting, as you can see it was a more modern blue colour, nice but obviously not right. Pop up looked normal. I believe Steve's in the first example had no background lights at all.
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