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  1. Pdmg 737ngx flight dynamics

    Well, that depends basically on the age of the pilot. The newest generation of pilots is very comfortable with technology and we use everything we can to make the study process easier and funnier. I really enjoy being able to see the systems working in FS while I read the manual. It's a lot faster and easier to learn. Usually the older pilots have more resistance on that kind of approach, but we have exceptions on both groups. At least that's how it works here in Brazil. Safe and good flights. Feel free to ask anything else. I'm glad to help. Moises Brittes
  2. Pdmg 737ngx flight dynamics

    That one can be me. I'm a real B737 NG pilot ( 700 and 800 ) and even the real plane has it's differences even if you compare two 737-800. When I fly the 737 NG I can sense some minor differences from the PMDG model but speaking about a home simulator with that level of complexity you can just ignore them. The model is almost 100% accurate. I use it every time I want to study or prepare myself for the recurrent sim sessions. The rotate rate is just about the same of the real plane. Even the differences between the 700 and the 800 are there. Wonderful job from PMDG. Recently I did the screening for Qatar Airways and passed thanks to PMDG 777. I used the sim to study and got very impressed with the results. We also have some minor differences but nothing to worrie about. Hope that solves your curiosity. Feel free to ask about anything else. Good flights to you all. Moises Brittes.