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  1. Hi Bryan. Just reopening this to thank you for the mods you released on the 3.0 version. =]
  2. Hi Bryan. The new version really solved the problem. Thanks for working on it. Just one question: is there a way to save "SOP2 A.LDG FLOW XPNDR" to YES? For now I have to turn it on every flight.
  3. I think I found why I had this problem... my P3D was the v3.1, not the 3.2. Just updated it. I'll try again, but now I'm backing up the folders manually. LOL
  4. Hey Luis. Thanks very much. You saved my month. Just one question regarding the first link: where I put these files? At C:\Users\HF\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Effects ? Again, thanks very much. Ed, thanks for your support. Really. I understand what you're saying, but it would be very nice to have on the next versions a warning to mannualy backup these folders, since it's kinda hard reading 32 pages of posts. =D I hope to come around this error, because RSP looks quite impressive.
  5. Hi Ed. I did the backup through the app, but look it's bugged, since the only file it really saved was the first one, althought I clicked to save each one of them. My P3D shader folder is empty (at Program Data).
  6. Hi Ed. Thanks for your help, but no deal. Now, when I start the P3D, the "aircraft preview box" it's dark. I tried restoring the backup, but RSP just saved the GPUterrain.fx. Everything else is missing. This is how it looks, now. It's set to daytime, BTW.
  7. Hey guys, how are you? I'm having this trouble, after installing RSP. Could you help, me? P3D HDR is on, and I also use REX textures with ASN.
  8. Hey Ray, how are you? Do you still have the "RAW" files for this paints? I really loved the N2RM livery, but I'd like to change the registration to "PR-ERE"... Thanks!
  9. Hi Bryan. I'm using SOP 2 (as I specified on this topic's title). And the FO is doing nothing with the XPDR... it keeps on TARA.
  10. Hey guys, how are you? As a 737 NG FS2crew user since the first PMDG version (later on iFly, NGX and now on Reboot), I have two questions that are bothering me during my flights: >How do I set the FO to trigger the transponder to STBY after the "Ok to clean up"? >How do I make the "Cleared" callout work again and the FO turn on the retractable landing lights? It's a little bit awkward to release my hands from the controls during manual flight (500' AGL on approach) to turn them on. Thanks for you help.
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