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  1. If this topic has been covered somewhere else, i apologize ahead of time. Im wanting some opinions/solutions/input from the flight sim community on the above topic. Im starting to build a home cockpit. My concept is to use wood to build a cockpit frame (that can be easily disassembled, since i have to move life) and slowly begin to build a replica of a 737-800 NGX cockpit. My concept is this: Dell XPS 1640 laptop (8 GB ram, 500GB HDD, ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4650, win7 x64) connect my laptop to a Matrox Triplehead2go DE which is going to be connected to 3 24" inch LED monitors. (larger monitors after i retire from the army) Im using the Virtual CDU app for my andriod tablet to act as the CDU. Im buying the Throttle Quadrant ( which will be put into a wooden build pedestal. This will also house all the radios, Xpdr, NAV equipment at a later date. up to this point, i can run it all from my laptop. Im trying to figure out a solution to the following: I want to have a touch screen overhead panel but im out of display ports for the triplehead2go, and i don't think i can hook one up to my vga or hdmi port without making windows 7 flip out (not sure though) is this possible?? I also want to "undock" the main 737 ngx panel and put it on another monitor. This probably won't happen since you can't do that with PMDG 737ngx that i know of. so the three main monitors will be the VC. I think that i can use FS wideview to run the overhead touch screen monitor on a separate pc (cheapy im gonna buy from ebay or something) other option is to use FSwideview to drive the outer monitors and use the center, lower and overhead (touch screen) thru the laptop. any suggestions? hints or problems that i might not be aware of so far. Rob