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  1. Hi I have the whole collection GNS530/430 GTN750/650 Fltsim and X-Plane, just wondered when the above will surface to add to my stamp collection ? 🙂
  2. @Adrian123 :smile: thanks for the link ha ha you make joke yes
  3. @bluebell12 it is there, blue link, I missed and paid full price as I missed it first time and thought the e commerce installer would take care of everything (:
  4. Sounds/feels like a memory conflict, have you changed your garmin trainer version, or added another addons, there is the tedious way of doing a parallel install of fsx and adding it to a vanilla setup and trying to find the fault that way, as you said you have had it for years so what has changed recently in your installation, two processes trying to grab the same memory addresses.
  5. Is this a 530/430 combo that will be good for x-plane and p3d as well,looking forward to it i have the fsx 430
  6. Yes thanks Jean-Luc ,so its a real world limitation, I have managed to get the brightness thing under control now, but it leaves a dilemma of having the instruments dimmer than what I would like to make the the gtn's 650 and 750 acceptable,not badly so however, ie its not a game stopper
  7. Yes I forgot about the onscreen menu system in xp11 and assigned keys to the functions.
  8. Further to add to the the brightness thing I notice that the offset in the the backlight thing, only goes to -10% limit but on the other side you can go plus 50% whatever , as my problem is solved it leaves the instrument lights dimmer sometimes than what I would like, does the real thing which of course I have never seen ,touched whatever limit the backlight to -10%, and also I have put both the 650 and 750 into xplane 11 and they work just the difficulties of the menu entries being spread all over which will probably be a laminar thing, but anyway its cool. Look forward to the 430/530 coming out I got the one for fsx yrs ago and it was the best.
  9. Success it was the instrument lights had to assign a button on the joystick both the 750 and 650 work together now just understanding how to actually use them.
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply Jean-Luc wish I could figure out how to paste a picture here, as that would show things better, I have turned everything down and it is still glaring, will play around with the gamma take it down from 2.2, the manual offset wont go below -10 but on the other side it seems to climb enough to white out the screen, may be videodriver thing I have a AMD card, and recently just now I got the 650 as well but that does not switch on yet to investigate that
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