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  1. Looking pretty good. Can't wait to fly it!
  2. Mine's somewhere in the FSLabs hangar.
  3. If it's within or close to my budget, then yes. But I am looking forward to SP1.
  4. 1. Are you a male or a female? - Male 2. How old are you? - Less than 20 years old 3. Where do you live? - North America 4. You have been simming since: - Flight Simulator X 5. How long have you been flying liners in Microsoft Flight Simulator ? - More than 5 years 6. How often do you fly the 777? - Once a week 7. How long is your average flight with the 777? - More than 8 hours 8. Most of the time, your 777 flights are: - Transcontinental 9. What software do you use to plan your 777 flight? - None 10. Do you use online services to plan your 777 flights? -Yes SimBrief 11. Do you use AIRAC? - Yes Navigraph 12. For push back, jet ways, ground services... you use: - The built-in features of FSX and of the PMDG 777 13. Do you use "in-flight" addons? - No 14. Do you use a view manager utility? - No 15. Do you use time compression? - No I only fly in real time 16. Do you use ATC? -Yes Vatsim 17. For the weather, you use: - FSrealWX 18. Do you use environmental textures addon (sky, clouds, water)? -HDE Sky and Clouds 19. Do you use ground textures addon? - Yes, only for the island of Oahu. 20. Do you use meshes? - No 21. Do you fly for a Virtual Airline? - Yes 22. Do you fly online? - Yes on VATSIM
  5. It was a bit of a hard choice choosing between the T7 or the NGX. I chose the T7 for its wind data import feature, but learned a lot about tubeliners from the NGX.
  6. Thanks Ryan and Kyle! I'm super stoked seeing PAL on the list.
  7. Currently waiting for the Project Airbus A330/A340 and the PMDG T7 sp1. -Spencer S.
  8. Cathay Pacific: RCTP-RPLL Delta Airlines: PHNL-RPLL RPLL-PHNL PHNL-KPDX
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