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  1. SJS

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Looking pretty good. Can't wait to fly it!
  2. SJS

    Where is your A320 now?

    Mine's somewhere in the FSLabs hangar.
  3. SJS

    Will you buy the 300?

    If it's within or close to my budget, then yes. But I am looking forward to SP1.
  4. SJS

    777 Community Survey Project

    1. Are you a male or a female? - Male 2. How old are you? - Less than 20 years old 3. Where do you live? - North America 4. You have been simming since: - Flight Simulator X 5. How long have you been flying liners in Microsoft Flight Simulator ? - More than 5 years 6. How often do you fly the 777? - Once a week 7. How long is your average flight with the 777? - More than 8 hours 8. Most of the time, your 777 flights are: - Transcontinental 9. What software do you use to plan your 777 flight? - None 10. Do you use online services to plan your 777 flights? -Yes SimBrief 11. Do you use AIRAC? - Yes Navigraph 12. For push back, jet ways, ground services... you use: - The built-in features of FSX and of the PMDG 777 13. Do you use "in-flight" addons? - No 14. Do you use a view manager utility? - No 15. Do you use time compression? - No I only fly in real time 16. Do you use ATC? -Yes Vatsim 17. For the weather, you use: - FSrealWX 18. Do you use environmental textures addon (sky, clouds, water)? -HDE Sky and Clouds 19. Do you use ground textures addon? - Yes, only for the island of Oahu. 20. Do you use meshes? - No 21. Do you fly for a Virtual Airline? - Yes 22. Do you fly online? - Yes on VATSIM
  5. SJS

    What is your favorite PMDG plane?

    It was a bit of a hard choice choosing between the T7 or the NGX. I chose the T7 for its wind data import feature, but learned a lot about tubeliners from the NGX.
  6. SJS

    300ER Beta Preview - AAL Livery Request

    Thanks Ryan and Kyle! I'm super stoked seeing PAL on the list.
  7. Currently waiting for the Project Airbus A330/A340 and the PMDG T7 sp1. -Spencer S.