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  1. Hello, Can you post the solution or you only want to get help and you don´t help others with the same problem. Regards Manuel Freitas
  2. steelman

    New Boeing 777 model

    Again? As been posted severel times.
  3. steelman

    Electronic Flight Assistant

    Hello Ok, after having some problems with the registration and a couple of emails to their support that i think it was good, i tested it with AXE and it worked fine and to me and for the "price" it´s a keeper. It have connection with VATSIM and IVAO, live weather and some other cool features. Regards Manuel Freitas
  4. steelman

    Good beginner's aircraft (free)

    Hello Genc Vadiku and FSX404 are the same he only change the chanels name i been following him for a very long time, i loved the most dangerous airports series. Regards Manuel Freitas
  5. Hello Anyone tryed this allready(EFASS)? I try it my self but i didn´t receive my password yet. Whats the diference between this one and PFPX? Regards Manuel Freitas
  6. steelman

    Restart PMDG 737 NGX

    Some times for me when i load the Turnaround state this problem happens, even if open full throtles i can´t move and the overhead caution light iluminates. So the workaround to me is first load the default C172 cold and dark and then load the PMDG737 with turnaround state as default. Hope this helps. Regards Manuel Freitas
  7. Hello There are so many 32 bits games that cope with high resolution textures without OOMs. For me the problem is the architecture of these particulary(fsx, prepar3d) aplications relatively to memory and resources management. I have a stone age pc, Intel quad core 8600 OC to 3.3 ghz, GTX 470 and 4 gb of memory running under W7 64bits and never have a OOM in FSX or Prepar3d 1.4, in Prepar3d V2 i can´t say becuase i don´t have it running 100%(all my favorite addons) yet. Regards. Manuel Freitas
  8. steelman

    Problem with addon aircraft

    This hapens when you have DX10 activated. Manuel Freitas
  9. steelman

    Next PMDG Aircraft 767?

    Hello. The 6 could be the DC6? Regards. Manuel Freitas
  10. steelman

    10 years since Concorde was grounded

    Hello, i almost never post in foruns but i`ve a story to tell. Once upon a time in two diferent kingdoms, a Queen and King were born almost the same time, one flew fast and higher than the other, that was slower and flew lower. They never married because one ruled more people than the other with less money. So the King had is destiny fated since the beginning, he was setenced to death. Even now the Queen as her destiny fated to, to other princes and princesses. Its a shame really, but money moves the world and when something doesnt make money, death is the way to go!!! Regards Alberto Freitas