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  1. If I have abort takeoff, how do I tell Voxatc/request another takeoff? Thanks Tim
  2. Looks like Ive solved it. I had Vox installed on a different drive to FSX. I reinstalled letting it go where it wanted to and now its working :smile:
  3. What if the hobo was rich enough to buy it from you? ....then you would have to to offer support for one tough old bit of steak
  4. Sometimes if I 'disable' enable' it a few times it start to work in as much as it initialises and gives me the atis frequency but it has not generated traffic apart from once but the traffic remained completely static.
  5. I too have used an earlier version Of Vox a while back with no problems. I have given up on all other ATC programs in favour of Vox but now this! surely it cant be an isolated problem? Win7 Q6600 GT8800
  6. I am at a loss now. I have completely disabled UT2 so I know its nothing with that now. Vox is being very erratic in its load times and I still have no traffic even with the Vox slider at 100% (none at at Biggin Hill anyway) It seemed for a while that it didnt like the A2A 172 but having tried with both default and addon aircraft I dont think thats it. So, what I have is very unpredictable initiazation, sometimes never and no traffic!
  7. No I dont have any additional voices as yet. Yesterday it initialised quickly for no obvious reason on the tutorial Eppley VFR flight (which I had tried before with no go) Its now trying to initialise for Biggin Hill to Manston.... for about 10 mins so far :huh: puzzled I should also add that on yesterdays Eppley flight I had no Voxatc traffic whatsoever. I have UT2 which is set to run auto on FSX start up but I disable this via task manager before I open VOXatc. Don't know if this is relevant?
  8. Hi, I have a new installation of Vox. It has gone thorough the indexing process. When I try to start a flight I get the 'test test' signal. It then says it is initializing but never gets past this point Thanks in advance Tim
  9. I have not tried P2ATC yet but have a question re voice control. Does it require exact phrases to be used by the pilot or does it accept the pilot hitting key words within requests and read-backs? in the way that MCE does? Thanks Tim
  10. Fantastic..... so an atc program with voice control that interacts with 3rd party traffic!!! cant wait to try it
  11. Sorry didn't intend to but it appeared to disappear
  12. Thank you, Does P2ATC interact with UT2? Regards Tim
  13. Hi I have only just looked at the videos for this software, was wondering if it interacts with UT2? Regards Tim
  14. Interesting to read what Pete Dowson is saying about AI control. It is such a shame that ATC, such a major part of flight is still not catered for to everybody's satisfaction. I am seriously thinking of going back to VOX after trying the demo....its not perfect but for an 'immersive' experience its hard to beat. I too have contributed to the ProAtc forum and I have the program. I took a chance and purchased it in the hope that the promises about AI interaction and voice control would be fulfilled. The now illusive 'alpha177' made a very strong assurance that voice control was ready for imminent release a year or more ago and since then enquiries about it have been ignored or deleted. I have contacted the developer Mourad three times, once by email when he replied saying that the update/recode was due for release in two weeks, this was at the beginning of January 2014. I have since emailed him again and also sent him a PM, both of these have been ignored. I too have had posts deleted when I was only being honest and not rude in any way to the developer, moderator or other members. The moderator has a rather 'big brother' approach..... he seems to take things personally and takes criticism of the state of the software as aimed at him. The developer has taken no part in the forum for months and will not offer any information on the state of the programs rewrite or say what is being worked on apart from a couple of very vague statements. All in all for 50 Euros its a bit of a...... The program has 'forgotten' me, stopped communicating and gone into 'loops' and failed to issue landing clearance so many times now that I am tired of using it (and I have tried turning off background chatter!!!) Fears were also raised a while back when it was revealed that the same developer had produced an FS addon that failed drastically a few years ago. This is my honest experience of ProAtc.
  15. I take you have installed service packs 1 and 2?
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