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  1. aerofreak2053

    FMC blank/off after loading cold and dark state

    I've got a related issue. I can turn on the CDU by holding the MENU key, but the NGX Introduction manual also says "You can also turn the FMS based menus off this way when desired," at the bottom of page 43. I'm unable. The simulation won't let me press and hold the menu key. The click releases in about a half second and the CDU does not shut off again. Is there a way around this? -Nathan Theriault
  2. When I load the PMDG 737-800 NGX, the fan blades and spinners in the engine intakes are missing, the beacons appear as steady burn lights rather than flashing lights, and the landing lights have different combinations of being on or extended (often different between the left and right sides) in disagreement with the landing light switches. I've tried reloading the aircraft many times, restarting FSX many times, restarting the computer, reinstalling the liveries, and even repairing the entire 737 8/900 installation. The problem persists. I've had the for a few months and did not experience these problems until a couple days ago. I've considered reinstalling FSX, but frankly, I'd rather not if there's a better way of fixing this. Thank you for your time. -Nathan Theriault