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  1. You say that the 2 pink bubbles on the FD have to be filled during landing, right? Sorry for the stupid question, but it confuses me.
  2. But it worked without auto land. It worked with manual landing.
  3. And why does it work sometimes without disengage the A/T? Sometimes it automatically retard during flare. Why?
  4. So sometimes it will work and sometimes not?
  5. Have the same issue. We have to wait until PMDG brings the first SP1/Hotfix.
  6. Yep. It's idle during the descent and landing.
  7. Hi guys, My problem is, when i land manual with A/T on, it sometimes won't "retard" during the flare. It worked fine at EDDF, ENGM and it needed a second try at EDDW. It doesn't work at LOWW and LGIR. I always selected VREF in the FMC and MCP. Hope you can help me.
  8. Thank you very much. A very usefull tip. Hope it will work. Nice to see that i'm not the only one.
  9. snickers

    777 freezing

    Maybe it's EZdok? But no problems with the NGX..
  10. snickers

    777 freezing

    For me the EZdok freezes after using the auto cruise. Maybe the PMDG has a problem with EZDOK and causes different freezes?
  11. Harder problem for me is the freez, when i'm using auto cruise (x4 because the reloading of x8 and x16 are too often and 100 % freezes of EZDOK). I can't look around anymore, but i'm still flying. When i close FSX, i have to close EZDOK via Task-Manager. EZDOK don't like the auto cruise. Why?! Bernhard Statter.
  12. When i use auto cruise, EZCA won't work anymore, can't look around anymore. what's that?!
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