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  1. snickers

    PMDG 777 & EZDOK

    Same issue here.
  2. snickers

    777 freezing

    Maybe it's EZdok? But no problems with the NGX..
  3. snickers

    777 freezing

    For me the EZdok freezes after using the auto cruise. Maybe the PMDG has a problem with EZDOK and causes different freezes?
  4. snickers

    PMDG 777 & EZDOK

    Harder problem for me is the freez, when i'm using auto cruise (x4 because the reloading of x8 and x16 are too often and 100 % freezes of EZDOK). I can't look around anymore, but i'm still flying. When i close FSX, i have to close EZDOK via Task-Manager. EZDOK don't like the auto cruise. Why?! Bernhard Statter.
  5. snickers

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Wow nice. When i can handle the 777 like the 737NGX, i will also do a flight from EDDM - OMDB.
  6. snickers

    Autopilot disconnect alarm won't acknowledge

    Just rightclick on the invisible TO/GA button. Bernhard Statter
  7. snickers

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Does the PMDG 777 work with GSX and/or with AES? Bernhard Statter
  8. snickers

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    AAaaah.. I'm at work now :(... Wanna buy and fly the T7... :( Bernhard Statter