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  1. Hi Gerard! Thank you so much!! The Real World Live Traffic, from which source is obtained? - I want to be sure that planes that don't appear at FR24, would appear at P3D at least. Finally, are you aware of this app, as suggested by Jay Bloomfield - jabloomf1230 Thank you one more time! Warm regards, Rafael
  2. Hi Nico!! Such an amazing add-on for P3D! I love flying around with actual AI traffic - and mainly updated - that's why I've been using UT2, but the performance loss was always disappointing.. Therefore, just a couple of questions: 1) I've read already that the Live Air Traffic doesn't support P3D's ATC AI instructions. So, how do I know if I'm OK to land or Take-off? - Could there be any holding patterns or the traffic will disappear in order to avoid collision? 2) I'm reading a lot about this, maybe I missed something, but will there be an ATC program that could handle/give instructions with the Live Air Traffic? 3) Another concern is that some aircrafts are equipped with a different Transponder and therefore, they do not appear properly or at all at FlightRadar24 for instance. Austral's E190 usually don't appear at FR24, for example. Does this means that those aircraft will never appear at P3D or does it considers another source rather than FR24? Thank you so much and Happy Flying!! Rafael A. Reca Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Baires

    Communication Issues with default ATC at FS-X

    Thank you everybody for your concern and replies! In the end, I took a look at the PMDG SETUP (via the FMC or Operations Center) and change the "Communication Failures" to "NEVER" (Page 9). Even though, thank you for the MIC data - (I read the manual and couldn't figure it out) Warm regards and happy landings! Rafael
  4. Hi Everybody! I have an open question - because I couldn't find a related post in the forum. For instance, when flying the PMDG 737NGX - I can easily communicate with the ATC through the regular ATC menu (pressing 1, 2, 3, etc... accordingly) But, recently, in the PMDG 777LR/777F - the ATC menu comes, but when I want to select to communicate with it via 1, 2, 3 - nothing happens and I don't listen to any ATC communication - ever. It calls me the attention that when sitting at the gate, during pre-flight, a funny sound appears, kind of a microphone and speaker making funny noises. Can this be related? Could it be that something has gone wrong in my 777? Thank you and Happy Landings! Rafael Buenos Aires, Argentina
  5. Baires

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Just flew in to DXB from ARN - on EK158. A short hop from DXB to DOH on FlyDubai's 738; and getting ready for a DOH-GRU onboard QR921. And then, GRU-EZE. Lovely 777 - The Magnificent Sevens.... Happy Landing! Rafael