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  1. Gosh I'd love to get that baby out again. The AXE is such an amazing addon. Last time I used it it was version 1.05 but it is up to 1.16 now I think so they must have improved it a lot.
  2. Those engines are so amazing.
  3. How much more realistic are those clouds to fly through?? Do they feel more volumetric?? The ones in the shots above look bloody amazing!
  4. Amen to that. Thanks for your answers Matthew (and all others) and nice vids by the way :Applause: . That landing in Nelson looked like a hard one though, can't have been too good for that nice and (relatively new) Q300. They only replaced the Saab-340s a few years ago I think.
  5. I've been on a few flights with Air New Zealand recently and am becoming interested in making recordings as well as taking photos during the flight. The annoying thing is that the crew seem to prohibit the use of any electronic devices during takeoff and landing (i.e. the parts of the flight most probable to be scenic) so I co-operate and turn my recording device (a Galaxy S3 in airplane mode) right off when the call is made. Going onto sites like Youtube and Airliners.net however reveals a plethora of photos and (in the case of Youtube) even full-flight video recordings. Do these rules differ in other countries or are the people taking these photos/videos just being sneaky with a hand-embedded camera or something?? If there are any people here who like to take videos/photos during flights I'd be interested to hear how this is overcome. I really don't want to break the rules as I imagine they are there for a reason.
  6. I don't think trolls last very long here to be honest. I was trying to be funny by constantly re-using a certain word and I got put in my place (got the message - no one found it amusing). You should see what people over at Gamespot say to one another and get away with. Now there is some real trolling. The rest is probably just human nature. Everyone having their own opinions etc etc. I do find some people here are more constructive than others but it's nothing particularly new in the world at large.
  7. Well life ain't right if I don't have something to say I'm disgusted about. As for the second part, you are correct - I was referring to the issue of making P3D a 64bit platform. It sounds like some of P3Ds new features, while being very cool, do take a toll on VAS usage. As we load more complicated addons into the sim there probably won't be the headroom to squeeze as much in. This may or may not be solved by lowering some settings. It just seems unfortunate to have to lower settings to free up VAS when performance may otherwise be great and to me it defeats the purpose of having those features in there to begin with. I guess we will just have to hope for the best. I'll be keeping a close eye on the development of this for sure but won't be moving until there are some satisfactory ways around this problem.
  8. Fully agree. This is the one thing holding me back - I'm discouraged (and disgusted) by the high VAS levels being reported so far with fairly few addons installed and in some cases with default aircraft/scenery. Until they go 64bit we are going to be artificially limited by what we can achieve with this sim and compromises will always have to be made. What's the point of having fancy new features and effects that you can't use with your favorite addons because of this? Would make far more sense to get the core issue sorted first and go from there.
  9. Hey Cory are you able to comment on the VAS usage with those addons? Ill be disgusted if its higher than 3GB.
  10. I would like to take it a step further. I see poos. Big brown disgusting poos. For now at least. This thing will come into its own given time but for now people arent going to see all their hopes met. At least this platform has a future though.
  11. It sounds like VRAM is going to be a key deciding factor in how far you can push things with P3D2. The disgusting thing is I only recently purchased my GTX780 which only has half the VRAM your Titan does (even though they are roughly on par in gaming benchmarks). I'm looking forward to hearing from someone loading up some Orbx scenery packages and cranking the autogen. In my view they have certainly done the finest job graphically of making autogen in FS look plausible for the most part and they (from memory) achieve this largely through placing an exceptionally high number of objects. If the default levels of autogen are taxing VRAM this much I shudder to think about what a maxxed out Orbx product + highly detailed plane, airport and AI might do. I guess that means it will grow into its own. To be fair to Geofa one strong point of XPlane is the sheer amount of detail its autogen system is capable of whereas FSX/P3D autogen is still relatively basic. I think this can only improve however.
  12. Do you have to be so condescending in all of your posts? Your attitude disgusts me and I'm surprised you haven't been warned about it. It isn't what you are saying (your points are generally valid) it's just how you always say it. You come across as one of those "I know better than you in everything" types and it's really annoying. Anyhow all arguments aside there is no doubt that the Concorde truly was an icon whatever the costs of the project might have been. I seem to remember that the Air France Concorde crash was the beginning of the end but I'm not sure if it was this single incident alone or just the final nail in the coffin that sealed Concorde's fate.
  13. Out of interest are you able to load the tutorials? I have it and was looking forward to trying it but given that after several re-installs (including a re-download) I continue to receive "scenario failed to load errors" I have given up in disgust. Maybe there is a cache that needs removing somewhere. Google didn't seem to have answers for this either so I'm guessing it's something on my end.
  14. Sounds like you got an IP address they blacklisted for some reason. Maybe someone with your ISP was being naughty and annoyed them lol. Just recently there has been another simulator on Steam that has had an almost identical problem to the one you are posting about - it's called Train Simulator 2014. It WAS called Train Simulator 2013 until suddenly the publishers decided to "update" the platform and re-brand it entirely. Problem is, it removed and destroyed all DLC that was released for version 2013 so if you go to the product's forums it is full of disgusted users who have virtually had all their DLC purchases removed from the simulator and chucked in the ********** bin with no guarantee of any compatibility updates. That is absolutely disgusting and they should be taken to court. It's a pity because apart from a few such examples I've really enjoyed the benefits of using Steam. I guess this is one drawback and it isn't one that is in Valve's control at this point. Hopefully your issue gets resolved.
  15. Drop in the bucket in the great scheme of things. It does seem like FS was a lot bigger in terms of user-base 10 years ago than it is now. The disgusting thing is the costs involved in learning to fly are discouraging for people too and even getting into to FS properly now generally involves a pretty hefty investment. Not so good if you are a young guy at uni with little pocket money.
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