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  1. hipshot845

    737 Internal Sounds Stop

    OK. The sound stopping is not gonna be fixed by selecting windows default as there is none. There are 3 choices and one gives no sound. The other is a tinny sound from the TV. The other is from my speakers which is the one lately cutting out from the PMDG 737-800. Does anyone else know anything? Richard Wade
  2. hipshot845

    737 Internal Sounds Stop

    OK but I never have loaded one flight on top of another. I did save the flight, exit the sim and re-start a number of times. Richard Wade
  3. hipshot845

    737 Internal Sounds Stop

    OK thanks. I'll try that on the weekend. Much appreciated. Richard Wade
  4. hipshot845

    737 Internal Sounds Stop

    Hi, I have the 737-800 P3Dv4 and it has been going great then all of a sudden the internal sounds have been stopping. I think it happens when I change the acceleration height in the CDU actually. All PMDG sounds stop. I can still hear external GSX sounds like tractor engines. If I close the flight and come back to a saved file I made at the start the sounds are back but fuel level has gone to 181,000lbs. That cannot be changed or deleted and so the aircraft is unflyable. Anybody know how to solve this? Richard Wade