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  1. If there are features not listed that you look for, please feel free to drop a reply! Thank you for your participation! Information gathered here is for a market research campaign.
  2. Empennage

    B77W: No gauges, no gear despite successful activation

    Well, here's what I did; Initially, I did not reinstall 77L; I just installed SP1 over it and then the 77W. When I selected the 77W, the activation window popped up and I used it to successfully activate the 77W. After I discovered this issue, I performed a full reinstall but not once was I asked to reactivate. I just went back to load up the 77L and it too did not ask me to reactivate; and the 77L, like the 77W, did not work. Thank you for your help. Getting a little desperate now...
  3. Empennage

    B77W: No gauges, no gear despite successful activation

    Yes. I always perform installations with Run as Administrator. I can't be sure. But it was definitely active when I activated my 777. No. I do not have ezdok, this view was achieved with the XyzRate=8.0 CameraDefinition entry in the aircraft.cfg file and with the default viewpoint panning controls. Thanks for your replies. I really hope to get my 77W working soon.
  4. Hi all, I am currently experiencing an issue where the gauges on the 777 will not load after the sim has loaded. The activation for both the 77L and the 77W went successfully without any problems. Symptoms: - No Initializing Systems countdown on sim start - Black screens - No landing gear - No cockpit ambiance / gauge sounds I have already tried these: - Full, clean reinstallation of all PMDG 777 related products - Clearing out fsx.cfg trusted entries and the Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\SimObjects folder - Loading a default aircraft before loading the 777 None of the above worked. A reply to a support ticket I submitted suggested that I install the latest DX9 and DX SDK; I did so and again I performed a clearing out of the fsx.cfg trusted entries and the Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\SimObjects folder, but it still refused to work. Any suggestions and shoutouts will be greatly appreciated, thank you. - Peter Huang
  5. This occurred while attempting to purchase the 747-8 extension and the 777-300ER extension. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? Peter Huang
  6. Empennage

    what your first 777-300ER flight?

    ZSPD SID VMB A593 DALIM W142 YQG V31 LADIX B339 POLHO M520 SERNA A815 GIMED B480 BRT R705 SAKAT R825 IGR W112 GINDA DCT UOOO My homecity airport to my favorite addon airport :rolleyes:
  7. Empennage

    Turbine Flex?

    Well, perhaps engine flex can be xml or gauge controlled like the wing and gear animations on those Project Opensky 747s and 777s. I also remember those Posky jets have a condensation fx effect file but i've never seen them work. Either ways, it'll be a really neat feature to have on the T7 if it doesn't hit performance too hard.
  8. Empennage

    Smoke Effect issue pmdg777

    That's most likely a problem with your default contrail effect files. The PMDG 777 uses the default FSX contrail effect files so I recommend replacing them with something else, like this for instance: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=64250&Name=&FileName=&Author=&CatID=root Edit: Don't worry; it's meant for FS9 but it works fabulously in FSX. Tried it out personally.
  9. Empennage

    FSX Fatal Error on Exit

    My FSX ragequits every time I exit it. Good thing it does that when I'm done with it for the day and not while I'm flying. But I don't think you need to worry about FSX crashing on exit; my FSX does that everytime all the time but it doesn't create any problems with the simulation itself.
  10. I can probably run the PMDG 777X on my Mac because it has nothing except FSX installed on its Windows partition; so FSX had full unimpeded access to all the system resources. Also, I wasn't using the highest scenery settings.
  11. Your system can most definitely run the PMDG B77L. I've been flying the 777 on a bootcamped MacBook Pro which only has 4GB RAM, 512MB Graphics card and less processing power and still it runs the 777 flawlessly.
  12. Empennage

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    The whole flight took 23 hours. But I used 4x time acceleration so it wasn't really that bad. No need for that LOL. Landed @ NZWN w/ 8 tons of fuel left.
  13. Empennage

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    EGLL en route to NZWN; 10,351nm with 100 pax on board via: EGLL BPK5K BPK UN866 DIGSU UP144 LARGA UM604 INBOB M604 SVA M609 ULMUG M125 ELVOM P850 ETOMI T89 VAVOS N15 GATRI R360 RINOV B954 ULKAM G355 BI B152 RULAT W194 NIRBA B953 ARELI W302 RIDLO B152 MOKET W302 MANOD B152 DOTAK W302 GIGAT B152 DOMON W302 LAPNI B152 URIMA W302 IVADA A333 IGROD Y301 LANAI Y10 DAIGO Y108 CHOSH Y808 CUPID Y820 SUNNS OTR20 RENAU Y820 ADKAK G223 TONIK B452 AA H182 OH LADI4B NZWN
  14. Empennage

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Admiring the sunrise over Canada en route to CYYJ from UUDD.
  15. Empennage

    Wondering how many fly their 777 in real time

    All flights that I perform which are over 2hrs or ~6-700nm in length are done with Autocruise TC with 4x time acceleration, and 16x or 32x when I don't have much time. I typically do medium and ultra long hauls; UOOO-PAFA, MUHA-ZKPY, SBGL-EDDT, EGLL-NZAA using 4x auto TC with pause 20nm before T/D and I'll just do some work on my MacBook Pro or tend to household matters while the flight progresses. I'm not hardcore, I'm just flying for the fun and satisfaction of it.