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  1. I have just downloaded via the PMDG Operations Center the latest Update for my PMDG 737 NGX for Prepar3Dv4 as was in the Notifications and now the Cockpit view both in 2D Cockpit and Virtual Cockpit are extremely distorted, and have I have always started my PMDG 737 NGX with all systems and Engines running I would like to thank PMDG for this major fault and would like information on how to overcome this prblem as ithe program is now useless to be able to fly with. I have checked various Liveries and they all have the same problem, do I now have to Uninstall my PMDG program and start again. Regards. Jacob
  2. Hi Kyle and others. I took Kyle's advice by not digging and messing around so did not remove any left over Folders, just Uninstalled the program from the Add/Remove program in Windows and then Instlled the New Installer, I can say everything is working fine, thanks for your help. Regards, Jacob.
  3. Ok in the drop down list there is PMDG - 737 NGX FSX this I selected and have downloaded the New Installer. Do I now Uninstall the Old version with the CD disk and the Reinstall with the downloaded New Installer is that correct Kyle, I just want to be absolutely clear that this is my correct procedure understanding. Regards, Jacob
  4. I ahe just reinstalled 737NGX into my new computer, with the installation disk which I purchased on October 25, 2013, I used this succesfully in my old computer, the registration was succesful but now want to install more liveries for which I need the PMDG Operations Center App, this of course is missing in my version of the 737 NGX disk. where and how do I obtain the PMDG Operations Center App or does this mean I have to buy a newer version. Regards. Jacob.
  5. Ok Kyle I misunderstood you regarding downloading the Intro manual, so thank you for step by step description, however because I have a Boxed version bought from a third party namely the Flight Sim Store here in Australia, therefore cannot find the find the order number in my account under previous orders, that appears to be a problem. Is there a procedure to have not only the boxed version of the 737 NGX, but also the boxed version of the PMDG 777-220LR/F entered into my account. Regards. Jacob.
  6. Hi Kyle. Checked page 13 of the introduction manual that comes with the 737 NGX boxed version, and there was nothing there so I downloaded the latest introduction Manual from the PMDG website but also there, no mention of the procedure of releasing the key from the old computer. I assume we are talking about the same Introduction manual, you also mention, Then see post 2 where do I find post 2. Jacob.
  7. Hi Kyle. By the intro manual you mean the introduction manual, could you let me know in which section as I have just read through this and I can only find in section 0.003 Copyright and License but no method of releasing the key from my old computer, or am I looking at the wrong manual. Jacob
  8. How do I go about having the registration key re-activated for my PMDG 737 NGX program as I have purchased a new computer, the program has been used more than 3 times in my old computer. Regards. Jacob
  9. Hi Kyle why no follow up on my question to you Jacob
  10. Thanks for your reply Kyle. Of course I give it the benefit of doubt, my problem must be unique and not many if any one at all has this problem, Which SP1d are thinking about, the one from PMDG? I am not sure I could have done would that have an influence on Initialising the Airline liveries and not the House Colours. If I have done then what would you suggest I should do. Jacob Mulder
  11. Hi Dan tried what you suggested but the result was still the same I just find it strange that the 737 - 800 WL in the House Colours activates with no problem, so will leave as it is I have also in the past done an Un-install with the CD and then reinstalled it again with the CD with the same result, I give up, surprised that out of the 99 views you are the only one that had the courtesy to reply. Thank you Jacob
  12. Ok I will give what you suggested a go ad let you know the result, I find it strange that the house livery will start the way I do it, by the way what time are you on line maybe we could have a chat via Team Speak. Jacob Mulder
  13. Hi Dan. I start FSX with a Default FSX Aircraft and when that is my home Airport which is YWOL, I then change to a pre loaded saved PMDG either the 800 series or at this time the 900 series, the 800 aircraft are downloaded from the installation CD and the 900 aircraft using the operations Center. I had downloaded a Qantas Airlines PMDG, 737-800 WL aircraft did a flight with this then saved the aircraft in the FSX / Flights section and followed the same procedure as above to reload the pre-saved aircraft but the second time it will not initialise, as I mentioned before the PMDG 737-800 WL in the House Livery initialises every time. I have noticed in the Cockpit view that when selecting the overhead panel it shows that the Cowl Valve is open, hope this is enough information, I attempted to attach 2 screen shots but was not successful. Jacob Mulder
  14. Hi thanks for your reply, every livery I download from both the PMDG, 737-800 NGX or the PMDG, 737-800 NGX WL will initialise the first time I use this and fly with it however I mainly want to use the KLM and Qantas Airline versions, but have checked nearly all of the liveries in both categories, after finished flying and shutting down the computer then the next time I select the same aircraft it does not initialise. This problem does not occur in both the PMDG, 737-900GX or GX WL. The platform I use is FSX with windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit + Service pack 1 Regards. Jacob Mulder
  15. The house PMDG 737 800 initialise at all times, but after downloading a Airline livery from either de CD or Operations Center these initialise the first time but not when attempting to use the same livery the second time what could be the problem, this only occurs with the 737, 800 either WL or the other, I have no such problem with the 737-900 liveries.
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